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  1. And where does it say that it's not allowed? World PvP and ganking low levels has been a part of WoW since thw beginning and always will be. People that gank low levels are scrubs that can't fight anyone at their level so they feel cool by killing someone 40 levels below them. All you can do is take a short break, smoke a cig, get some water, watch a video then return, or make an alt. Be happy and dw about it since that person that's not only ganking you, but camping you as well is probably worthless and has no friends so that's his only way of satisfaction.
  2. We're recruiting once again! We currently have around 40 members, we'll grow up to 50-55 and we're constantly kicking out the inactive ones (that have been away for a while without a notice). We have diverse members (nationality, age, gender, experience) and we're still laid back. We don't consider ourselves hardcore but we aren't casual either. Our avg lvl is around 40 but we accept players of all levels and experience, it'd be nice if you were at least lvl 30 but it's not a big deal. Raid schedule isnt set yet because we're waiting for more people to hit 70 so we can do a poll, raids will most likely start around 7 or 8 pm CET. Hit me up here, on discord Kiporion#5988 or in game Kiporion I'm available on discord almost 24/7.
  3. Greetings, So a friend of mine used "WinAuth" for sunwell previously, and he's been told to use it here as well, he used his new account and stuff where he need 6 digits. He used forums and in game for over 2 days. It kept saying that it's disabled, so he thought he can delete winauth since he didnt need it. And now it started asking for the pin which he doesn't have. When he managed to pair them again, he doesn't get the 6 digits. His in-game name is Loading, if that helps.
  4. @arsalanrk there's a chance but I can't promise anything, I'm 90% sure that one of the raid nights will be weekend.
  5. Sure ^^ If you want you can send me your discord info
  6. Sounds good, add me on discord if you'd like to join!
  7. Bump! Still recruiting, 7 days to go!
  8. Well I'm not sure. We'll discuss the raid times once we get closer to the end game.
  9. @dromir small world we live in @adevil We're CET, that's GMT+1.
  10. Greetings, With the upcoming launch of Netherwing, my friend and I are forming our guild. We have experience with TBC and Guild Leading, we've had guilds on Elysium, Kronos 3, Warmane TBC. -We'll start as a semi-casual and social guild and grow to semi-hardcore or close to that once we hit the endgame. -We won't grow too big, it's better to stay small-medium so everyone know each other. Basically a close-knit guild. -We will progress through raids with fixed schedule that we will decide depending on every members' opinion. -We want to start together, level, do dungeons together, help each other with professions, quests, pvp, and other friendly stuff. We'll also organize a lot of guild events, to have fun and get to know each other better! We also have a discord server (Voice won't be necessary except for group content). So if you're interested in this, feel free to reply here or contact me on discord Kiporion#5988 Update 05.02.2019: We're recruiting once again, check the latest reply to get more info!