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  1. You didn't delete teams at S3 and it was cool. What about 5vs5 now? Could we have something to see this bracket queue? Ty
  2. Petite mise à jour, car je suis passé GM et pas mal d'anciens ne se reco plus. On est en phase d'essayer de monter un roster 10 pour kara en mode familiale full fr :).
  3. Macumbafeh

    Slow down

    It was reported. For daily PvP quest... but it's the same quest everyday....(warsong) and that quest Can help to make bg pop
  4. Ty ! The addon platecastbar worked for me. It's awesome :).
  5. https://atlantiss.eu/news/323/the-gods-of-zulaman Infos Here : We also have news for players interested in PvP – Arena Season 3 will officially begin on 24th of September. Be prepared!
  6. I think, just before S3 start. And S3 start when tournament is over. We don't know yet when tournament end. It Depends tournament matchs.
  7. Just wait 1 month and people will Come back here. They already ding 60 and they Killed onyxia and Ragnaros xD. Poeple will not like to farm like in vanilla. And there is NO Arena in it... TBC > ALL
  8. Lot of informations are in discord. https://discord.gg/jT24fut
  9. Ok After a lot of Try, i Saw the addon Totemplates don't work well with Aloft. So i deleted totemplate and it's fine know
  10. Hey ! I'm looking for some nameplates addons, if someone know a good addon which can work fine with Totemplates. I tryed Aloft, he work fine, except when i'm in combat. I've got a shit bar when i'm in combat....(i used the tsu's addons) Ty !
  11. Here the addon : https://github.com/Schaka/ArenaCountDown/archive/master.zip
  12. I'm looking for an addon to have a count down in Arena. Xperl do it in bg, but it don't work on Arena on this serv. Arena count down by schacka don't work too, or i forgot something... Ty Edit : i just rename the folder and it worked. (Arena count down -master => Arena count down) You Can close that threat
  13. Macumbafeh


    Nice Idea my Man! There is too many healers on Ally side and a lot of players don't cc/nuke them... As you said, like in PvE there is strat, on PvP it's the same. I'm in ! => Macumba elesham PvP => Makumba (my brother) feral PvP