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  1. Here the addon : https://github.com/Schaka/ArenaCountDown/archive/master.zip
  2. I'm looking for an addon to have a count down in Arena. Xperl do it in bg, but it don't work on Arena on this serv. Arena count down by schacka don't work too, or i forgot something... Ty Edit : i just rename the folder and it worked. (Arena count down -master => Arena count down) You Can close that threat
  3. Macumbafeh


    Nice Idea my Man! There is too many healers on Ally side and a lot of players don't cc/nuke them... As you said, like in PvE there is strat, on PvP it's the same. I'm in ! => Macumba elesham PvP => Makumba (my brother) feral PvP
  4. True... Or atleast we Can keep 20% like Honor and AP. So 20 marks of each bgs would be cool too.
  5. Yep feral Can. HOT and Bear form is the way.
  6. Lmao ragequit powa xD. Man... The serv is x2 now, you even Can take a X3 boost on shop and TBC XP is faster than vanilla... What is the prob? Your serv is getting closed cause of classic i Guess...
  7. True it's just for vanilla content.
  8. It's already x2 IG. No Need command. To desable command is : .ch bonusexp Same to enable it again. You Can just type : .ch To see all ingame commands Cheers.
  9. Yep ça marche ! Je te /w quand t'es in game. Désolé pour le temps de réponse.
  10. Yep ça marche ! Je te /w quand t'es in game. Désolé pour le temps de réponse.
  11. Strange... I just use SmartyCat now and i have the same bar than you
  12. Hi ! you can add "Smartycat" For mana bar for druid in Bear / cat form. https://www.wowace.com/projects/project-14669 Cause Druidbar don't work with Xperl. and this one work fine with it.
  13. Go Druidbar : https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/druid-bar Druidbar don't work with Xperl. you can use "SmartyCatManaBar" to use with Xperl. But this bar is on your char and you can't move it : / Edit : i tried "SmartyCat" and it's better then SmartyCatManaBar. Your bar is near your life in bear / cat form and work well with Xperl. https://www.wowace.com/projects/project-14669