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  1. DarkMe1989

    <Endwise> (EU) 11/11 Karazhan recruiting!

    Are you guys taking in new tanks? Prot paladin looking for a Karazhan group.
  2. DarkMe1989

    Bandage Self Macro?

    /cast [target=playername]spellx but there is a auto self cast option by default
  3. DarkMe1989

    Netherwing Chat Censorship

    Saying the word "Nibba" (racial slur btw - has nothing to do with the admins beeing SJW) is a single word and therefore can not be considered speech " the communication or expression of thoughts in spoken words " Anyhow - it is save to assume that this is yet another troll post. If not - the server is better off without you. Let´s just hope God applys some censorship to you.
  4. DarkMe1989

    Underbog HC

    iirc he is not supposed to use aimed shot unless there is noone in melee range. Just now i basically sat on his face and he still used that.
  5. DarkMe1989

    Perm ban for botting?

    wrong section
  6. im totally on board with this criticism. My 2 cents : I am leveling my warrior (bank alt lol) just to be able to advertise with him. I was trying to do the quest "Dark storms" in Durotar - near impossible to solo as a warrior at the appropriate level. I was just lucky to come accross another player who was on the same quest. Otherwise i would´ve been stuck, not beeing able to communicate and stuff. I also agree, that just raising the level cap wont do anything. I suggested this a while ago, but got no response whatsoever. I am a IT noob so i dont know if that´s even possible, but: How about implementing some sort of feature that allows players to communicate with low levels if they already have another high level (40,50,60?) on their account. This wouldnt erase the problem, but make it more tedious for gold sellers for sure. Its just a thought.
  7. DarkMe1989

    Define to me what is a ninja

    It is common knowledge (or should be) to ask before you need on something that you could use for OS.
  8. DarkMe1989

    Portal to Shattarah?

    So back in the day you could take a portal to shat while not having reached the level requirement to enter outland "officially"? There are times when our memory pulls a trick on our minds.
  9. DarkMe1989

    Portal to Shattarah?

    iirc you can go to shatt as soon as you are able to go to outland. Everything below that is unnecessary and only gets asked for by the lazy folks.
  10. DarkMe1989

    Store: Level & Gold Service

    Of course people can have a life outside of the game. It just takes them longer to hit max level when they have limited playtime at their disposal. Vanilla/TBC and even wrath iirc were more time consuming games in regards to leveling. If you cant accept that, then yes, the game is not for you. Wanting to buy your way to level 70? Your mentality has no place in The burning crusade. You want to experience endgame but you are not willing to invest the necessary amount of time to reach it. Hence my statement, that this particular version of World of Warcraft is just not for you. If you really want to pay for a lvl boost i suggest you visit some of those china sites and hopefully get yourself banned in the process. I dont mean to offend. I am just sick of people coming in here and asking for handouts and stuff that has absolutely no place in TBC.
  11. DarkMe1989

    Noob needs help

    If it´s really true that you´ve never played WoW, i suggest you throw away all guides and take the feeling of exploration in.
  12. DarkMe1989

    Store: Level & Gold Service

    If you cant muster up the time to level to 70 TBC is just not for you. Simple as that. Stop calling for handouts. It´s a disgrace
  13. DarkMe1989

    Store: Level & Gold Service

    play retail wow. You can buy a boost there iirc
  14. DarkMe1989

    Submit your UI!

  15. DarkMe1989

    When is the daily AP reset?

    what´s AP?