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  1. DarkMe1989

    [News Discussion]Leveling Adjustments

    so what? Leveling up in TBC is too fast any way.
  2. DarkMe1989

    Add a donate paypal option

    yes i would like to donate as well. And no, i do not want your shitty cosmetics.
  3. DarkMe1989

    Arena announcement discussion

    you are not forced to play 15 games a day - you just get 50 additional points if you do so. " Playing 15 daily arena games will award 50 Arena Points. Additionally, every consecutive arena match played will award 2 AP for winning and 1 AP for losing " I cant find your accusation anywhere in their announcement. I cant even remember how it was back then. (regarding the weekly mandatory games. I for one find it funny that they will give wintraders, cheaters etc a warning shot instead of IP banning them. Thats my take on this.
  4. DarkMe1989


  5. DarkMe1989

    Chat restrictions on Bank alts

    Hello, I would like to suggest the removal of chat restrictions for bank alts. Its too much a hassle to journey to one city everytime i want to sell my goods/products. I (and i´m sure others as well) like sending stuff to my bank alt to sell it from there, but its not as easy if i cant advertise in the chat. Maybe limit that restriction removal to <level 10 chars which are on accounts that have, lets say, a lvl 20/30/40 on there as well? have a good day.
  6. DarkMe1989

    <Muh Blizzlike> [Leveling/Social]

    https://imgur.com/a/UkNzlvW idk if he is 70 but still. That silly Nightelf Druid. You are supposed to have some sort of honor here. Ganking grays shows a severe lack of said honor.
  7. DarkMe1989

    <Muh Blizzlike> [Leveling/Social]

    Dont join there. Bunch of degenerate lvl 70 grievers in this joint
  8. DarkMe1989

    Weapon of choice?

    Hi guys, so what weapon is actually better for ret Palas? https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=9413 or https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=9418 I would think the crit increases my dmg overall more than the greater weapon damage does? tbh i hope the sword is better as it looks better. I know, foolish reason. Any input though? Have a great day.
  9. DarkMe1989

    Does anything actually work?

    well - the only (but very important) thing that not works (sometimes) is "Judgement of Command" - It sometimes just deals zero dmg (consumes the buff and everything. No miss etc either)
  10. DarkMe1989

    Blackfathom deeps

    you probably just clicked the two in front which spawn water elementals each
  11. DarkMe1989

    Respec cost suggestion

    I dont want those willy nilly players here. Fk em. Let them play their "spoonfeed game"
  12. DarkMe1989

    Respec cost suggestion

    dont take it personal, but that exact mindset is what made the current live version of WoW the shitshow it is. i did not play it for almost a decade but basically you get everything but mythic handed to you. Leveling is a joke. You can faceroll through an army of mobs. We do not need to have this discussion. Everything needs to stay as it is now.
  13. DarkMe1989

    Respec cost suggestion

    Managing your ingame wealth is, and should be, a somewhat "hard" task in itself. In addition to that, i believe people should choose wisely how they distribute their talent points. As to your argument that tanks and healer need to respecc : the argument is invalid. By the Time (TBC instances), for instance a priest, needs to specc actually Holy/disc you have enough gold to spent whatever amount the trainer wants from you. You do not need to be actually Heal/tank skilled to do dungeons up until the "vanilla endgame dungeons" Lets take a Paladin (such as myself for example) - i got most of my talent pointsin in the retribution tree and i can tank instances just fine. (Talking vanilla dungeons here). However, i would respecc to protection for the TBC dungeons as do require more tankiness.
  14. DarkMe1989


    30 Minute queue? oh lord. Can i donate somewhere to bypass this utterly ridiculous Queue? 40 minutes @ 10:00 AM CET? give me a break. Day off and now this sht. Atleast make the queue artificial and lets us give you money to avoid it . #Warmane