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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I've noticed that you're going for s4 rating requirements on s1 gear (2200 on shoulders, 2050 weapon, 1700 head) and I was thinking how this will affect the server's PvP scene. I'm going to play on this server for arenas since your attention to class mechanics will make them pretty interesting so I'm all for challenges and having certain items hard to obtain. However, I'm also trying to think ahead here and a 1x exp server with no dual spec might not yield the biggest of PvP scenes. Considering TBC's ladder ranking system is brutally hard for casual players, 2050 will be practically unobtainable for 95% of the server. Having s1 weapons gated behind 2050 personal rating will deter any PvErs or casuals that might want to try and do 10 games per week in hopes of eventually getting their weapon. This in turn will only make it harder for the people want play to find competitive games since there won't be anyone that is inflating the overall rating. Also there's the fact that we're running patch 2.4.3, this coupled with the low resilience on gear of s1 will make some classes really bad in 2s. I hope that the server will have an active 3v3 and 5v5 so more classes and specs can find their niche use, but as it is 2v2 will suck for a lot of classes. There is also the fact that some classes have blacksmithing options that are actually better than s1&s2 weapons for pvp, so adding custom rating requirements to s1 gear will inadvertently buff these classes. This is just my opinion, based on my experience on other private servers and seeing how s1 played out there. I think that maybe you should hold a poll and see if the community wants custom rating requirements on arena gear.
  2. Hey ! For you the TBC Arena point calculator : https://les-fragueurs-sauvages.000webhostapp.com/outils-calculateur.html You will know how many Arena points you will gain with your team rate at flush time. (Monday 12am) this site is in french but it's easy to understand. enjoy it.
  3. Dear Atlantiss Community HELLO will have a recruitment post so you always can be updated about what is needed the most. About us We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild with alot of experience from the private server community. We got some of the fastest cleartimes on warname. Since we just started here are we looking for new exceptional and dedicated players to fill out our rooster for SSC. Raid days --> Sunday & thursday 7-11pm servertime. Furthermore will we be doing bg-premades since we have alot of gladiator players around. Progression 11/11 Karazhan - 2/2 Gruul's Lair - first raid 1/1 Mag 4/6 SSC - What to Expect Experienced leadership Fair treatment if you are dedicated we don't favour anyone in the guild Loot Council with role options to optimize guild progression. Recruitment - last updated 22-04-2019 The classes we need the most at the moment is: Resto: Full BM: Full Full Holy: Need 1 Healer: Need 1 Full Resto: Need 1 Need 1 Tank: Full Tank: Need 1 Surv: Need 1 Tank: Full DPS: Full DPSe: Full DPS: Full DPSb: Need 1 DPS: Full DPSenh: Full Your application will be an interview over discord with Xalt or Skrk Discord: Skrk#6026 Xalt#0708 Xaisty#1152 Guild Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/skurkentv https://www.twitch.tv/xalttv https://www.twitch.tv/ravnen8 http://www.twtich.com/jkks If you have any questions please contact Skrk/skurken or Xalt ingame. Best Regards from HELLO
  4. ^ Title ^ I'm curious how the race and faction balance will be like amongst arena players. *cough* undead *cough*