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Found 7 results

  1. So today I've noticed this message in world chat: I was wondering if this kind of webstore/in-gamegold trading was allowed between players, and in that case wouldn't that be like selling in-game gold for real money? Would this kind of trading mess up with the in-game economy? I'm not making any accusations, I'm just asking questions, if anybody could clarify this for me then I would be very grateful!
  2. Nickname <Horde> : Kissmeloco, Domhnall Server time most active hours: 1800 - 2400 Take your chance to buy it before the darkmoon faire is over.
  3. Hi, just came back from a 3 week break from the server to find my bags re organized from a loot sorter I would assume, and 3.4k gold missing from my account. I immediately went to the discord to contact somebody and saw your reports of accounts being broken into and your advice from stopping it in the future. I have made my two step verification to stop future incidences as suggested, but that being said, I am obviously wondering if there is anything that can be done about my missing gold.
  4. I am spammed multiple times during an hour. Incredibly annoying. Also, people want to make money out of YOUR server. Not cool. I'd suggest a level cap and hourly limit to sending mails, e.g. lv 15 and 3 mails/hour. This wouldnt really hurt anyone besides spammers and is similar to the whisper restriction.
  5. I have sold many auctions and nearly half of them get stuck in "auction pending" status, where the item is sold but money never appears in my mailbox OR bags. I've lost several gold due to this, and it really feels like a coinflip as to whether I'll actually get the money from the AH. is there any fix to this? Nearly 20+ of my auction's gold have been lost this way. edit: i have tried relogging and clearing cache, the mail still ends up looking the same.
  6. zigus91

    Gold not in mail

    I sent myself some gold to one of my alts- the gold or mail never came so i tried to relog, didnt fix. i logged back to my main character and sent the alt a single gold 1g to test, that gold came through instantly where did the first mail i sent go? perhaps miss-type? but there is no way for me to check meanwhile im out the gold i sent.. any help with this? or a way i can check my mail log perhaps Pocketheal (character name) Horde
  7. I agree with the fact that a respec should have a cost, but it shouldn't feel that punishing, many healers and tanks can't play their toon properly because they have, for example, dps oriented talents while playing as a tank/healer. I know this is the way it was back then but many can agree that it wasn't the best way to fix some mistakes that were done while building your character. So here I come with a suggestion: Talents respec cost should be maximum 1g for all characters between levels 1-50, then the cost cap would rise as it normally do from 1 to 20g for characters between level 50-69 and at level 70 the normal cost cap of 50g would be reachable. It can also work. Or maybe just a cap of 5g for levels 1-70 and afterwards a cap of 50g. I would be glad to see more suggestions for how this could be done and maybe if there is enough feedback from the community the devs would consider adding this.