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  1. [H] <Resurrection Sickness> [NA] Karazhan 11/11 - Gruul's 2/2 - 4/6 SSC Is looking for additional raiders to participate our 25-man progression! We are comprised of adults looking to relive the excitement of Burning Crusade progression while meeting new friends. We know how to have fun and joke around, while also knowing when to turn our game faces on. (*A little secret between you and us: We know you have a life – and so do we*) If you are leveling - you are welcome so long as you plan on getting into the action as soon as possible! Current Raid Times : Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00pm CST What to expect from us: Leadership that has been playing since the dawn of time A comfortable, meanwhile professional, environment where you can develop and grow A healthy and active peer group What we expect from you: Adherence to Atlantiss Netherwing Rules per https://atlantiss.eu/rules Attendance and commitment– do you get frustrated with 2-3 people are no shows? So do we! Coming prepared – Do your research on boss fights and come with consumables Active communication – Quid pro quo. We keep you in the loop of happenings, you keep us in the loop with what’s going on. Also, you’re reading this, then you’re familiar with Discord! (woohoo!) We use it for raids and effectively sharing guild information. Current Positions: All classes and roles welcome! (Boo Classic!!!!) Raid spot guarantees can not be made due to existing roster and the intent to maintain a healthy raid composition during progression. Feel free to contact Ewoka, Epiclesis, Trifonic, Larseen, Rotbutt, Xevikan or Aggravate if you are interested in joining the team or have questions. Or shoot me a forums message with your IGN so we can throw an invite.