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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys Since i dont find any post to this bug I want to inform you about some issues with the movement of pets. While fighting Lurker in SSC my pet didn't accomplished to walk from one platform to another. It just standing on the edge doing nothing. Petattack and Petfollow doesn't work. Sometimes it suddenly changes the platforms, but it seems to be random. Additionally when it stands on the middle circle platform it doesn't move into meele range. So as a BM hunter it's a loss of 30-40% dps. Since I tamed a Windserpent it does some dmg through lightning breath at least. Anyways I don't think that this behavior is wanted. I think it should be able to pass every stair I can pass as well as through jumping? This is just one example for similar situations when the pet has to walk past minor stairs. As a ingame workaround there is the only option to dismiss the pet and call it back everytime it has to change plattforms. To let it reach the meele range I had to move there myself while pet is passiv. But in situations like fighting Lurker I will be busy postioning pet and avoiding Lurkers attaks and there will be more less dmg. I hope there are some ways to fix this issue in future and i could help to improve this Server. Thanks for your support and work on this Server - this is my first post in this Forum so please correct any misbehavior of me if there is
  2. Is anyone else having this trouble as a Hunter???? After you tame a Beast it becomes your ally/pet like it should. after about 2-4 mins my pet will just disappear, no text or anything stating its gone, I did not dismiss it or anything....just...gone...like thin air i try to "call pet" and it says i have no pet ; i have to tame another beast....thisll be my 7th time taming im going to try to watch carefully to see what happens but i tend to never have a pet cause they always end up missing somehow and i can never call them back. making questing alone kinda tough. ps: ive tried multiple beast. Can anyone shed some light on whats potentially going on here?
  3. Benn leveling my hunter for a while now (18) and been playing with a pet that doesn't have Great Stamina, Natural armor or Growl. I have Growl level 1 and 2, Great Stamina 1, 2 and 3 and Natural Armor 1, 2 and 3 but my pet isn't affected by the skills. I can't se them in pet spell book, I don't de Growl on pet action bar and just now when i learnt Great stamina level 3 and natural armor level 3 nothing happend to my pets health or armor value. When i first noticed that I couldn't se the spells in the pet spellbook I tried to tame a new pet but still couldnt se the spells, so i figured that it might get solved after learnig a new rank, but nothing is happening. This is getting a bit ridicoulus because I have a pet that ain't doing his jobb to be tanking for me. Would love some help to get this solved without having to level up a new hunter to se if it was a ealry spellbook bug.
  4. Hey guys! I just tamed Humar because I heard he got the skill agonizing pain skill, but some reason it doesn't have that skill. It's kinda annoying because I camped the spawn spot for like 3-4 days. And if Humar is dead the respawn time is like 8-12hrs