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Found 12 results

  1. <Porca Madonna> Hello ! Nous sommes une guilde Française familiale. La plus cool des guildes Fr Nos activités : - PvP : Arènes (possibilité de monter une team entre guildeux) / Bgs (Tag en groupe pour valider nos journa) / PvP sauvages (sortie en famille chez les allys) / Duels - PvE casual : Instances Normals (pour avoir les accès héro) / Instances héroïque (pour se faire des Badges et du gear) / Raid 10 - Leveling : Entre-aide dans la phase d'XP Nous acceptons que des personnes parlant le français, peut importe le temps de jeu, du casu au no-life. Du noob au PGM (La preuve on a Cresus dans la guilde :p) Pour résumé : On recrute du PvPboys, du PvEboys (Pour du PvE allant jusqu'à Karazhan pour l'instant), du Pexeur, du Casual, des filles et même juste les personnes voulant une guilde pour le chat. Nos Officiers / GM : - Macumba / Makumba - Uuzo - Holybug N.B. : Si tu veux une guilde PvE HL en mode Hardcore, on te conseil de rejoindre une autre guilde qui sera plus adapté pour toi. Pour le reste tu es le bienvenue à la maison :). Porca Madonna, un blaze italien, dans un serveur russe, avec une commu FR. L'alliance même du bon gout, de la sobriété et des effluves de Sicile dans une guilde au gout de musc. N'hésitez pas à /w n'importe qui de la guilde ou de préfèrence un officier pour en savoir plus ou nous rejoindre, La bise à tous !
  2. Anyone interested in rushing rogues to level 30 and engaging in world pvp? send me a message. ideally looking for 1 other person to group quest with in BE area asap. teamspeak required
  3. Hello I've noticed that you're going for s4 rating requirements on s1 gear (2200 on shoulders, 2050 weapon, 1700 head) and I was thinking how this will affect the server's PvP scene. I'm going to play on this server for arenas since your attention to class mechanics will make them pretty interesting so I'm all for challenges and having certain items hard to obtain. However, I'm also trying to think ahead here and a 1x exp server with no dual spec might not yield the biggest of PvP scenes. Considering TBC's ladder ranking system is brutally hard for casual players, 2050 will be practically unobtainable for 95% of the server. Having s1 weapons gated behind 2050 personal rating will deter any PvErs or casuals that might want to try and do 10 games per week in hopes of eventually getting their weapon. This in turn will only make it harder for the people want play to find competitive games since there won't be anyone that is inflating the overall rating. Also there's the fact that we're running patch 2.4.3, this coupled with the low resilience on gear of s1 will make some classes really bad in 2s. I hope that the server will have an active 3v3 and 5v5 so more classes and specs can find their niche use, but as it is 2v2 will suck for a lot of classes. There is also the fact that some classes have blacksmithing options that are actually better than s1&s2 weapons for pvp, so adding custom rating requirements to s1 gear will inadvertently buff these classes. This is just my opinion, based on my experience on other private servers and seeing how s1 played out there. I think that maybe you should hold a poll and see if the community wants custom rating requirements on arena gear.
  4. Shalom frens! Do you remember <Wight Power>? Well, now we're kosher so we changed our name <Strawberry Puppy Kisses>. You may have heard of us from world chat or discord, or ingame where we might have killed you if you chose the wrong faction. Though our deeds are legendary, there's a lot of misunderstanding floating about around us, so i'm here to clear that up: We're a group of frens that's been playing ever since the og TBC came out, many years ago. Between us, we have well over 100 years of WoW experience, a good portion of that being only TBC on various other servers. We know every encounter in the game, every entry in the db, every pixel on the map; no spot is safe. If you're alliance you are nothing to us but a target. You know those feats you hear people bragging about doing in TBC? We did them. Oh and we're recruiting. What we offer: The honour of wearing the most infamous guild tag on the server <Strawberry Puppy Kisses>; Guaranteed backup, whether you're losing an argument in chat or a 1v2 fight against alliance scum; Freedom of speech, opinion and spending your game time; A competitive environment in which you can grow into a better player and person. F U N What we demand: Following the above rules; At least 300 confirmed HKs; Trained in gorilla warfare; Top bantz; Creativity; Being active and participating in guild events; Ability to both absorb and disseminate information without external help (this means don't be retarded, but if you needed that explained you can close this page, sweetie.) If that seems like your dream come true, get in touch with us.
  5. To Whom It May Concern: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Area_52 https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Area_52 For obvious reasons, I won't go further into detailing exactly which those "NUMEROUS" spots are, or their locations, as they should be common knowledge after 12 years, unless I'm specifically asked to further educate certain members of the community ;) Through time, there have been some changes to Area 52, but the gist of it remains, most notably the fact that the safespots are still there, and you can go double-check that for yourself. Aside from that, the Area 52 Death Machines aren't around any more, some bruisers STILL aren't where we're currently having them on the server (namely the bruiser on top of the inn and the one on top of the building with the arena vendors, which, I guess, were a custom implementation here to help against safespotting, in which case they should be removed in the following patch as they're not blizz-like, unlike safespotting), and guards MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT climb the walls of buildings =)) like a staff member said they should, when mind-controlled and reset (again, those bruisers shouldn't even be there in the first place, and, even if, they're not spider-bruisers ;)). Now... You could say that I'm starting to notice a certain pattern of getting targeted every other day, and even though I'd normally brush it off as just a coincidence, it's slowly starting to shape up as harassment, and I'm not okay with that. It'd've been fine if it was just me that's be targeted, but it looks like my guild mates are receiving the same treatment, and that's coming right after the whole guild fiasco which has yet to yield a resolution to my complaint. IF, and only IF, there would've been any hint of evidence that what I or anyone else were doing was against the rules or expected behavior, the offenders should've been presented with a thoroughly documented account of exactly why that is, and, thus, be officially warned that if further actions occur, then, and only then, consequences would follow. It's probably not my place to tell anyone else how to do their job, but if it were, you can rest assured I'd be having a few long chats with a few people that might benefit from having a thing or two to learn from me. Thinly veiled threats, unbacked and unwarranted temp bans or renames do not a qualified figure of authority reflect. I'm making this post in the hope of having shed some light on the matter for those that are less perceptive of the obvious. It could also be used to help the staff address inquiries into it in an exhaustive manner. Please, please, for the last time, research first, inform second, threaten after, and only as a final resort, take action... If there's still any unclarities, ASK, and I'll try to explain to the best of my abilities... Until then, happy camping! \o. Oh, I almost forgot... https://imgur.com/a/6xvMUsl (album) ^ not 30 seconds after... seems like double-standards... oh, well...
  6. Hi, simple question. Is the Shockadin viable in this serv? any suggestions or experiences with Shockadin?
  7. Hey Guys, I would like to see a change for PvP (Open World). ATM and back then in 2007 there is just open pvp for everyone. Doesn't matter which level you or you're opponent is. But imo this is and was a stupid thing back then and now. Where is the positiv side in this one? Why shall I be able to kill someone round about 50 level below my level? I won't get honor or sth from it. He can't even do sth against. If there was a way where a lvl 20player could kill a lvl 70, it would be okay. If there was a way to outplay the lvl 70 player for example, the better player could win the 1v1. But it doesn't make ANY sense to me at all. There are so many lvl 70s running wild on lvl <60 players. And that's for sure: Thats no fun for anybody. So why just do the same as in BGs? LvL 1-10, lvl 11-19, lvl 20-29 and so on. I think its kinda hard to kill someone who's like 9 levels above you, but there's at least a chance to be the better player in pvp. I know most of you will maybe just say sth like: "STOP CRYING BABY! IT IS WHAT IT IS" But why not change sth to get a better game for everyone? PvP is a nice thing and PvP Servers are cool in general. But its just lame af to be killed 20times in a row by a level 70 guy who's bored to death. Those ppl shall queue up for some PvP or just go OG/SW to fight some other ppl. Maybe we need some events at the gurubashi arena or sth like that. what's your thought about it, guys? let me know! Greetings to everyone
  8. Hey guys! Guild "Infertile" is a Social/PvP/Future PvE progression guild looking for new players. We offer assistance during your leveling and a friendly environment. Currently there is a strong interest in both PvP arenas and PvE progression. We will be creating raiding team(s) as soon as there are enough players at level 70. If you are interested feel free to contact any member of the guild! See you in the game! @Kord
  9. From the #pvp_chat on Discord. I and some others voiced our concerns in Discord that this issue was not being covered by official information, as the go-to piece of information was Ceago replying to an inofficial comment on an inofficial thread with, as far as my concern goes, incomplete and unclear information as well as a complete lack of reasoning. I found that these replies by Evolve was way more complete and clarifying. I hope you do too. He did mention that an announcement was planned several days ago, but got lost in the process.
  10. Dear Atlantiss Community HELLO will have a recruitment post so you always can be updated about what is needed the most. About us We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild with alot of experience from the private server community. We got some of the fastest cleartimes on warname. Since we just started here are we looking for new exceptional and dedicated players to fill out our rooster for SSC. Raid days --> Sunday & thursday 7-11pm servertime. Furthermore will we be doing bg-premades since we have alot of gladiator players around. Progression 11/11 Karazhan - 2/2 Gruul's Lair - first raid 1/1 Mag 4/6 SSC - What to Expect Experienced leadership Fair treatment if you are dedicated we don't favour anyone in the guild Loot Council with role options to optimize guild progression. Recruitment - last updated 22-04-2019 The classes we need the most at the moment is: Resto: Full BM: Full Full Holy: Need 1 Healer: Need 1 Full Resto: Need 1 Need 1 Tank: Full Tank: Need 1 Surv: Need 1 Tank: Full DPS: Full DPSe: Full DPS: Full DPSb: Need 1 DPS: Full DPSenh: Full Your application will be an interview over discord with Xalt or Skrk Discord: Skrk#6026 Xalt#0708 Xaisty#1152 Guild Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/skurkentv https://www.twitch.tv/xalttv https://www.twitch.tv/ravnen8 http://www.twtich.com/jkks If you have any questions please contact Skrk/skurken or Xalt ingame. Best Regards from HELLO
  11. ^ Title ^ I'm curious how the race and faction balance will be like amongst arena players. *cough* undead *cough*