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Found 5 results

  1. Shalom frens! Do you remember <Wight Power>? Well, now we're kosher so we changed our name <Strawberry Puppy Kisses>. You may have heard of us from world chat or discord, or ingame where we might have killed you if you chose the wrong faction. Though our deeds are legendary, there's a lot of misunderstanding floating about around us, so i'm here to clear that up: We're a group of frens that's been playing ever since the og TBC came out, many years ago. Between us, we have well over 100 years of WoW experience, a good portion of that being only TBC on various other servers. We know every encounter in the game, every entry in the db, every pixel on the map; no spot is safe. If you're alliance you are nothing to us but a target. You know those feats you hear people bragging about doing in TBC? We did them. Oh and we're recruiting. What we offer: The honour of wearing the most infamous guild tag on the server <Strawberry Puppy Kisses>; Guaranteed backup, whether you're losing an argument in chat or a 1v2 fight against alliance scum; Freedom of speech, opinion and spending your game time; A competitive environment in which you can grow into a better player and person. F U N What we demand: Following the above rules; At least 300 confirmed HKs; Trained in gorilla warfare; Top bantz; Creativity; Being active and participating in guild events; Ability to both absorb and disseminate information without external help (this means don't be retarded, but if you needed that explained you can close this page, sweetie.) If that seems like your dream come true, get in touch with us.
  2. A few people have been asking about the RP community in NW. I think we should get to know each other and make acquaintances so that we can organise some RP sessions. Post in here your in-game name, faction and timezone!
  3. I am a huge supporter of keeping it 100% blizzlike, but I just want to suggest a simple change that would improve the leveling process without speeding it up and without upsetting economy. And that would be lootable crates with supplies. Yes, I know we have food crates, water barrels, and treasure chests, but I want to add onto that. Treasure chests, in my opinion, should be tweeked (if possible) to only drop actual treasure, not herbs and other junk like that. Food crates and water barrels are fine. But there should also be supply crates. You could fill these crates with anyting that is involved with spells, materials and over-all leveling. So here are some of my ideas of what these could drop: Arrows and bullets for hunters Poison materials for rogues Crafting materials (ore, bars, leather, herbs, cloth, wires, essences and dusts, etc.) Soulshards here and there? Sharpening stones/weigh stones Meat and other cooking materials Fishing Lures etc, etc. Now, I don't know anything about creating a new system like this, but I don't think it would be too difficult. There shouldn't be too many of these supply crates, I'd imagine them only in humanoid-mobs campsites and settlements, where NPCs would logically stock supplies. They shouldn't drop too much of anything for it to become a new grinding system. I don't really expect this to be implimented, there's just too many actual problems that need fixing, this is just a suggestion that I want to throw out there---
  4. There is a certain satisfaction unique to WOW bank-alts. Doing what might be considered impossible quests and wasting both time and gold to get the most hard won cosmetic items might seem stupid to some, but for me that is a big part of the game. Travelling Azaroth by foot to get enough Coin of Ancestry for a Festive Dress or dying your way into the opposing faction major cities to get Crown of the Fire Festival is frustrating, time consuming, nerve wrecking and brilliant. The satisfaction of finally getting that one useless item is truly astonishing. This is not about making the game easier or allowing low-levels access to high-level content. It's about allowing us crazy RP people the opportunity to be happy... and show off our fancy stuff. Many of these quests were changed at some point, for example the previously mentioned item Festive Dress became available at 2.3.3 and the Fire Crown in 3.0.1. Quests that take place in dungeons or reward XP should of course be excluded from this change.