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Change chat limit back to 10 (it wont stop gold sellers)

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Hi, so recently the chat limit was changed to you have to be level 15 to talk. not just in general channels but /say and /whisper ( whisper is understandable). You can still, however talk in party chat no matter your level, but of course you can't ask anyone to help you with anything like quests etc when youre a noob. This is a big disadvantage for levelling as pretty much you just plain suck. You die a lot. Its much easier to ask in general or even /say for people to join up with you. This was tolerable until level 10, it was a good cap at which you could start talking to people.

So this was done I assume to try and stop gold sellers, making them take a longer time to level up  before they could advertise their crap. But as you can see, it didn't change a thing because theyre just as rampant as ever. Here's why.
Over the weekend I found a spot that gold sellers were spawning in to cross the continent. I found groups of about 4-8 of them spawning at the Menethil Docks every few minutes, to catch the boat over.



I observed them appear out of thin air right by the giant crossbow near the Auberdine boat. I got on the boat as well and watched the group of them back themselves off the boat and into the water as soon as the new screen loaded. I went back to Menethil after and stood there watching more and more groups of them appear and all go ahead and do the same thing.




I was trying to talk to them during that and ask what they were doing because it was just confusing and at the time I didn't know the chat level had been increased cause I was level 30ish. One of them that had been targetting me while i was /dancing at her invited me to a group so she could talk to me, and just said this before leaving:




anyways, from there I kept /who on her name to see what she was up to, and found the character was switching from zone to zone every minute or so, all high level zone like Silithus, Tanaris, Felwood. Look at the time stamps on the shift clicking I was doing on her. (sorry for telling on u Grsaewf you seem nice but you're also a bastard)




So by that, and from their sudden appearance at Menethil, I'm assuming theyre using  cheating programs to teleport themselves around and level via explore experience throughout the two islands. So this is a lot of gold sellers coming into the game, a constant stream of them. Not sure where the horde side ones do it, but if this is what they're doing, then that is why increasing the chat limit will not work and it should be lowered back down. Upping it to 15 hurts real players who have hours and hours between 10-15 that could be made a lot easier from being able to speak and help each other with our quests, as well as general being able to talk to each other.

(sorry if the formatting of the post is wonky i'm on a 4k screen so was trying to make the text seem not so small to the pics)

TLDR: Gold sellers currently are using cheating programs to level up to 15 within minutes. upping the chat restrictions won't matter to them and makes it worse for every normal player who wants to talk. change it back down.


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Thanks for your feedback. I forwarded this topic to other Administrators and Developers and we are going to discuss it and introduce changes and improvements over time on our realm to prevent this. Right now we are sorry for inconvenience.


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Just to add my bit to this argument: RFC is a level 13 to 15 instance. When you literally cannot communicate except after inviting people to party, it becomes next to impossible to get a group together until you hit level 15. Anyone starting a group cannot recruit anyone below 15 because as you post in general (or LFG), no one 14 or lower can tell you- in any way- they are interested. Unlike in WotLK, you also do not get a notification that someone attempted to invite you to group, but could not because you were already in a group. That was my first thought as a work around, because at least someone looking would be alerted to my interest in joining them. This severely limits the LFG system as well, as you have to blind-invite them and hope they accept. I had to get on my main and whisper the guy to invite my alt to just get that dungeon done.

And just forget about group quests sub level 15, such as those in the Ghostlands.

I'm sure the Alliance is having a similar problem.


(I was also on higher level characters for the past few and did not notice this until going back to level alts. I'd never have thought someone tried to stop the gold spammers because there was no noticeable difference.)

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im totally on board with this criticism. My 2 cents : I am leveling my warrior (bank alt lol) just to be able to advertise with him. I was trying to do the quest "Dark storms" in Durotar - near impossible to solo as a warrior at the appropriate level. I was just lucky to come accross another player who was on the same quest. Otherwise i would´ve been stuck, not beeing able to communicate and stuff.

I also agree, that just raising the level cap wont do anything.

I suggested this a while ago, but got no response whatsoever. I am a IT noob so i dont know if that´s even possible, but:


How about implementing some sort of feature that allows players to communicate with low levels if they already have another high level (40,50,60?) on their account. This wouldnt erase the problem, but make it more tedious for gold sellers for sure.

Its just a thought.

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