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Retribution paladin lf EU raiding guild (A)

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I am looking for a serious raiding guild. It don't has to be a hardcore guild necessarily, but progress and improvement are importent to me. As i live in Europe, i am looking for a EU-timed guild. Prefered Raid times are between 7pm and 12pm servertime. Possible raid days for me are: monday, wednesday, thursday, sunday, (friday optional).



I cleared the burning crusade content on "excalibur" up to brutallus. I played as hunter and enhancement shaman till t6 and a fury warrior in the t5 content. The retribution paladin was always my secret love but i always played him as twink and never mained him. This changed now with the release of netherwing. As i am very familiar with the melee roll, i know what i have to do and you can expect a good damge from an experienced raider.



i have pretty decent pre t4 gear at the moment (thunder, fel leather set etc.) not completely pre bis but more then ready to enter the t4 conent.



Kara: done

SSC: Gruul and Nightbane missing

TK: on the 3 HCs Quests atm



Enchanting and blacksmithing close to max


Feel free to write me a pn in forum or contact me ingame. (ingame name: Sama)

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