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< Aurora > (H) NA

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<Aurora> (NA)  is now recruiting for 25 man progression. Semi-Hardcore raiding guild with all leadership having experience with the full TBC raid content.  Come join a relaxed and fun environment while we focus on 25 man progression.  

Raid Times: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 9 PM EST- 12 AM ( some raids may go over) (3-6AM ST)

Sunday and Monday as optional raid days if it is agreed upon

Currently Recruiting:

1 Prot Paladin

1 Boomkin

1 Resto Shaman

1-2 Disc/Holy Priests

3 Caster DPS (Mage/Lock/ele shaman)

Any exceptional player will be considered for 25 man core spot

Kara 10/11 Gruuls 2/2

Message Mordurn, Ohhaimark or Zulekim in-game for more information. 

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