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Competive pve setups.

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Hey i had some what of an speculating between weather alliance or horde are best in pve.

Horde has Bloodfury and berserking, tauren, which are best suited for pve.

Alliance has humans and draenai and gnomes which are most suited for pve.

So the theory is here.


What yields highest raid dps increase? Playing as horde or alliance.

having draenai in every grp equals to lesser hit rating gear needed which increase dps.

Meanwhile for horde however they don't have that favor but they do have more burst potential. That's what i assume.


but in competive grounds what is better Alliance or Horde Pve wise?.

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Posted (edited)

Draenai priest SoH is really powerful, its basicly a free mana pot for the whole raid every 5 mins.

Human Priests get the 10% extra spirit and the free big heal.

Dwarfs get only the free big heal.

Nelfs get star shards which is ment to be good for Shadow priests.

I personally pref Draenai priest's that can give all that extra mana to the group personally.

Symbol of Hope (Draenei): regenerates mana for 15 seconds for the Priest's entire party on a 5-minute cooldown. (Symbol of Hope is considered a Discipline ability and is thus castable in Shadowform.)



For Hunters the only real choice for alliance is either

Draenai for the 1% hit

Dwarf for the 1% gun crit (best in slot weapons for BM are guns)

Nelfs give nothing to increase their dps over the other 2 races.



Humans weapon skill = more threat

Dwarf 10% Armor buff can be nice when paired with Stoneshield potion as another saver of sorts. Also this removes nasty bleed effects on fights like Moroes and Bear boss in ZA making the fight really easy. I think theres a boss or 2 in tier 6 content that does bleed effects also. So not a bad choice of tank in all fairness.

Nelf gets 2% extra dodge

Gnome gets escape artist if you are CC'd

You can't rely on having Draenai in your raid as you switch people in and out,  people can't make every raid. You have to make yourself hit capped in this case.

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Talking about 25 man: Every group should have a shaman in it, for the lusts, so you can rely on having 1% hit. The best thing you can have is 5 bm hunters in 1 group, since they buff each other with a total of 15% damage (even 4 hunters and 1 shaman are ok). Other viable dps groups are 3 locks, 1 ele, 1 moonkin (also used for the 3% melee hit for melees), 3 locks, 1 ele, 1 sp (mana reg is highly underrated and if you don't have many melees, you can skip the 3% melee hit from moonkin) or 1 ele 2 arcane mages 2 shadow priests.

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