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Hate speech

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Freedom of speech is great against a state in order to ensure you can criticize it without being imprisoned or penalized.  It does not, however,  include commercial environments, like facebook, youtube or even this server.  The amount of hate speech is growing exponentially in the channels and will continue to do so if you don't start taking it seriously and actually ban people that won't stop after having been warned.  It will over time kill the community and long term engagements of the player base. Just like Facebook & Google is being forced to take responsibility to moderate their communities user-generated content and actions. So should this server, it is ultimately in the best interest of everyone. 

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The tighter the noose, the quicker the death. Ask Blowzhard how their numbers are at the moment.

The only person that should be responsible by how offended you are, is you. Especially seeing how they give you the tools to solve the problem.

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