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<broom squad> 11/11 2/2 recruiting to start SSC!

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<broom squad> NA [A] is a guild of mature adults looking for more members to start T5 content! We're a laid back, friendly group of folks that are looking to keep raiding throughout the server's progression.

Kara 11/11 Gruul 2/2, starting SSC in a couple weeks.

Raid Times:
Kara 1 - Wednesday+Friday 8 PM EST (2 AM server)
Kara 2 - Friday 11 PM EST + Sunday 8 PM EST (5 AM and 2 AM server, respectively), replaced with SSC when that starts
Gruul - Friday 10 PM EST
SSC - Sunday 8 PM EST

We're heavily prioritizing a Holy Paladin, an Elemental Shaman (and any other Shaman, really), a Warlock and a Shadow Priest, as well as any good DPS or healer.

Show up if you wanna have a good time and hang out with cool friends, or have some folks to run heroics with. If you're friendly and interested in raiding with us, send me a Discord PM at Teaspoon#4982 or send an ingame message to Tspoon, Hah, Sanctos, Milliways, or Maroney. You can also whisper Qualitydruid to receive free bird noises.

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