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Arcane Mage Talent Discussion

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Recently I heard from a ingame friend of mine, that there is a actual Arcane/Fire Specc, with 10 points in Fire instead in Frost. The point of the specc is that in your OOM Phase you will spam Fireballs until your next AP is up instead of Frostbolts.

One point of this specc is that if you would run Cold Snap for you second Icy Veins in your burst Phase, that it wouldnt line up with the AP in the next bursting Phase.

Also when thinking a little deeper, it has potential to be a specc for smoother gear change from Fire to Arcane.
F.ex.: coming from a Fire Mage with a Spellfire-Set that switches to Arcane due to getting 2 pieces of T5, you will not likely  have the most optimal gear to play Arcane due of lacking a lot of intellect because of the Spellfire-Set and maye other pieces. But since then Spellfire-Pieces have  a +Fire and +Arcane Dmg modificators it will actually synergyize more with this Specc instead of the Cold Snap one. 

So what are you guys opinion on it?

Both speccs are linked down below (Suggest what you would change on this speccs 🙂 ).

I know my English is not perfect so please dont hate me 




Arcane Fire:



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Thanks for posting this! I am glad you bring that up for discourse and that this thougjt did not let you rest ;). I yet need to test this in a kara raid and do some calculations with this.

The main point with this spec besides it's potentially higher damage potential is that it, as you already mentioned, allows you to wear a fully spell damage geared spellfire set and it makes the spellstrike set better not only in niche situations (as it would be the case for arcane frost). I believe this topic was not discussed on Elitistjerks back in the days, because everyone was obsessed by the cold snap icy veins, which in reality is only one more icy veins every 5 minutes.

I am also not sure it this spec can keep up with a pure fire spec since your filler spell needs 50 mp5 more than frost and you spam less arcane blast, however it is still something we need to find out.


Main points for this spec:

- Potentially better burst damage than fire

- Gearing for spelldamage makes transition to full fire easier if you want to spec fire

- Potentially more overall damage due to fireball scaling with fire vulnerability

- spellfire set is not only good for arcane blast, but also for your filler spell


Main points against this spec:

- less AB ratio

- higher mana consumption from fireball

- your filler spell needs 3% more hit than traditional arcane frost, presuming ghost hit works correctly

- gemming and gearing is far more expensive

- you might end up as a gimped fire mage

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Another "maybe" spec if you consider doing not gearing for int: http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/mage?2300550300030130330120050520010200100000000000530020010000000000000

If you're not going for int, you might end up with 125 spell damage less from leaving out the talent when you're at 500 int raid buffed. In return you gain range (which is imho not needed) and pushback protection for fire spells.


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