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Hello there!

I was doing some quests to become an amorsmith and came into a halt when I reached the quest "The world at your feet" in whici I need to deliver some "Heavy Mithril Boots" to the NPC and he can then teach me some recipes I need in order to attain the tittle of armorsmith.

But I can't find a trainer that will teach me on the Horde faction. I have travelled to all the trainers in Kalindor, the Eastern Kingdoms and to Outland with no results. 

The quest I'm on: https://classicdb.ch/?quest=2772
The recipe I need: https://classicdb.ch/?spell=9968

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Posted (edited)

Hello! I'm doing the exact same quests at the moment but I'm a member of the alliance. That recipe is from the default blacksmith trainers at least for me I got mine from ironforge at around blacksmith skill level of 235 if I remember correctly.

Worst case scenario: it is a bug and you do not have it on the horde side & therefore should be reported on the bug tracker.

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