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Ascend [NA] [Semi-Hardcore]

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<Ascend> is looking to fill our roster with players who are dedicated, skilled, and hungry to clear every bit of content this server releases.

Quick Details

  • Semi-Hardcore
  • Small experienced core with room for many more
  • Experienced leadership
  • North American play times
  • Open loot council

Who are we?

We are a small, experienced group of players who have raided on both Medivh and Felmyst who are looking for more like-minded people. We need many, many more raiders to create our new core here on Netherwing, and we hope you can be a part of that. We don't play favorites, we don't do drama, and we don't tell you what or what not to say, so if you are a skilled, chill player you will fit right in. Our raid leader has been leading since WoW's release and has cleared Vanilla, cleared up to SWP, cleared through WotLK, etc., and, most importantly, isn't a rager. We're calling ourselves semi-hardcore because we aren't requiring our players to rush to 70, and because we don't mind taking on new players, as long as you listen, research your character, min-max to the best of your ability, etc. If you want to be part of a guild that won't rush you to 70 asap, if you want to be part of a guild full of skilled players, if you want experienced and fair raid leadership, if you want a guild that is dedicated to raiding during NA times, and if you want to be an early part of forming a tight knit guild, then <Ascend> is the guild for you.

Who are you?

The sort of players we are looking for are drama-free and mature, first and foremost. We need you to be dedicated to making your character as close to 100% as possible (this includes consumables, enchants, gemming, rotation/spec optimization, watching strats, etc.). Because we will be running open loot council, you need to care more about killing bosses than getting 100% of the gear. Your experience with the game is less important, but if you are inexperienced you need to put in the work to catch up to others, and if you want to be an officer you need TBC experience. You should be able to make over 90% of our raid times, and if you're going to miss a raid, you've got to be communicative and let us know in advance so we don't hold your spot. If all of this sounds like you, then we would love to have you with us!

Loot System

We will be using Open Loot Council, which means we will have a loot council ran by officers that you will either be able to be a part of (if you become an officer), or that you can listen in on if you choose to. The only reason we do this is because it helps progression, and we will try to be as fair and transparent as we possibly can be. Again, though, your main focus should be on downing bosses, not loot.

Raid Times

Tue, Wed, Thur, 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM PST (both the time and the number of days that we will be raiding will shrink as time goes on).


High means we are taking as many of a class/spec as we can, Medium means our roster still needs 1 or 2 more members of this class/spec, Low means we will only take on members of this class/spec who are very skilled, and Full means we have no room for that class/spec. Our raid roster is competitive, though, so if you are a standout player of your particular class/spec and think you can do better than others, feel free to apply anyways even if the class/spec says Full.

     Druid (Feral Tank) Low

     Druid (Feral DPS)Full

     Druid (Balance)Low

     Druid (Restoration) Low

     Hunter (Beast Mastery) Low

     Hunter (Survival) Full

     Mage (Fire) Low

     Paladin (Protection) Full

     Paladin (Holy)Low

     Paladin (Retribution) Full

     Priest (Holy) - Low

     Priest (Shadow) - Low

     Priest (Discipline) - Full

     Rogue (Combat)Full

     Shaman (Enhancement)Low

     Shaman (Elemental) Low

     Shaman (Restoration) - Low

     Warlock (Affliction) Low

     Warlock (Destruction)Low

     Warrior (Arms) - Full

     Warrior (Fury) - Full

     Warrior (Protection) - Low

To Apply

Either talk to Todd Howard#6447 on Discord and send details about your intended class/spec/profession, experience, and any questions you have for us, or apply on our Discord.


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3 hours ago, Toddhoward said:

We need more healers so I can be a Warlock.



P.S please buy Fallout 76!!


Just go Lock regardless dude. We'll fill up the rest of the slots for sure, so you might as well pick lock now, rather than have locks fill up, and then healers fill up, and then you're out of a lock spot.


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