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Deep Wounds question

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Hello, does anyone know on Dual Wielding Warriors when your offhand weapon is fast with lower dmg than MH, how should Deep Wounds work. If should apply only Main Hand avg damage even when oh crits or offhand overrides MH. Cant find reliable info about TBC DW mechanic. Lets imagine you have 2.8 high dmg MH and 1.4 offhand, since offhand is faster as result we will have most of the time crap DW damage.

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Hello fellow warrior! Interesting question!

It says that: A fully talented (3/3) Deep wounds will do 60% of your average weapon damage as a bleed every time you crit over 12 seconds.

When you open your character sheet window, what do you see in the window? Do you see two different values in the damage section? eg: 50-100/40-90 or do you see only one value like only 50-100?

personally though I would avoid fast weapons if i were you....great as a rogue but not so great as a warrior, you might generate rage faster...again personal opinion though!

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