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Faction Balance suggestion: Horde to Alliance guild transfers with bonuses

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(Yes I know horde guilds can currently be transferred, but there's no incentive and the process needs improvement)


Horde to Alliance guild transfer service with bonuses. The bigger the guild, the more bonuses unlocked:

  • Guild bank tabs unlocked
  • Raid consumables (from a handful of health/mana pots to elixirs/flasks for large guilds)

Right now a guild needs to have only one member in order to be transferred. Should program a fix for that. If a horde guild transfers, it should do a /gdisband and all former members should get an in-game mail including a personalized message from the GM.

Maybe some kind of check should be put in place so GMs don't have full power here depending on guild size?

  • Require a certain number of officers to approve the xfer?
  • Maybe instead of only the GM doing a faction transfer, have a size-based minimum number  of "transfer with guild" services initiated by guild members before the transfer takes effect?


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