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[EU] Mutiny

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Mutiny is an EU raiding guild originally formed on Felmyst. We are a group of players who are passionate about TBC raiding, and having a great time while doing it. The vast majority of us have remained friends since Felmyst shutdown, and are very excited for the release of Netherwing. We are looking to welcome some more people to the community to have a blast with while leveling and to join us as we get back to raiding as soon as possible. If you’re looking for an environment where you can raid seriously but also enjoy hanging out with good people, then you’re in the right place. After forming in April, we were soon the second most progressed guild on Felmyst; 6/6 SSC, and TK 3/4 with Kael’thas being very close to death on the week of shutdown. We hope to replicate similar success on Netherwing.  


We use the loot council system prioritizing guild progression. We track each person’s character progression and plan way ahead to optimize loot distribution. We’re theorycrafters at heart and we operate as a unit and subsequently it's usually obvious. Similarly, we recognise people who put in effort both in and out of raids in terms of loot distribution.


All times are CET.
25-man raiding schedule:

Wednesday 20:00-00:00
Sunday 20:00-00:00
Monday 20:00-00:00

We ask for people to fill their availability in advance of the raiding week to make it easier to plan ahead. 10-man raids are organized on off-days, we usually ask each person to give a preference to the day they would like to raid Karazhan each week and organise groups based around that. 


What do we want from you?
Getting the absolute most out of your character. All the usual good stuff - gems, enchants, consumables, profession items and talents. A deep knowledge of your class is also vital. 
High attendance, we like to maintain a small roster but we also understand that people have lives and miss raids from time to time. 
Ability to communicate in English. Use of a microphone is also prefered. 
A willingness to help others. It is important we work together as a guild and we try to foster an environment where everyone is willing to dedicate their time to help others.


What's in it for you?
An experienced and skilled group of players. 
A stable, serious and enjoyable raiding environment with a focus on efficiency and good planning to make best use of our time. 


How to apply
Drop a quick message to Brezel#5107, Joaxx#7777, Tuwz#5569 or Weppas#0354 and we can organize a quick voice chat on Discord to establish if we’re right for each other. 


Class recruitment status
Feral (High), Resto (Medium)
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Closed
Priest: Shadow (Low)
Rogue: Closed
Shaman: Elemental (High), Resto (High)
Paladin: Holy (High)
Warlock: Closed
Warrior: Prot (High)

Exceptional players can always apply!

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Recruitment status updated, high priority on non-druid healers !

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Update: 2/2 Gruul's Lair and 9/11 Karazhan, currently looking for Shamans and a Shadowpriest.

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3/6 SSC, recruiting a Resto Druid, a Holy Priest, and a Prot Warrior

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Update: 4/6 SSC.

Looking for Elemental Shaman and Prot Warrior !

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