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    On others p.servers i saw armory, maybe can make it here? Would be great.
  2. 82% it's only you, or maybe you guild? Or did you conduct a survey among all server players? When NW release (If I remember it right) here was x1 for all and was alot (6k+) ppl at start. Over the past time, it seems to me, Netherwing has earned a good reputation as a TBC server. So i think when open new fresh realm, can be alot ppl even with x1 exp. rate.
  3. Seems some protection against hack with brutal force.
  4. We are looking for russian-speaking players to the farm 25ppl raids (At the moment, because at the moment it is still not enough online, we going Gruul Lair with pugs). RT at 19.00-21.00 MSK. Discord Communication: https://discord.gg/UYPDE6F. Loot in Karazhan - roll, with the separation of main / off specs. In 25ppl raids right now roll , is planed - DKP. At the moment, recruitment is conducted for all, except rogues, feral "dps" (cats) , arms warriors.. However, the most popular classes/specs at the moment: Feral Tank; Warlock; Moonkin; Fury Warrior, Healers (all classes). A little less, but still in demand: Elem shaman, tankadin, prot. warr., hunter, shadow priest, mage, enh sham, ret. You can contact us through the above Discord, or by unsubscribing in the game on the nicknames Syram, Whitespark. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ищем русскоговорящих людей для фарма 25ок (в данный момент из-за недостаточно онлайна ходим в Gruul Lair с пугами). РТ у нас в данный момент 19.00-21.00 МСК. Связь Discord: https://discord.gg/UYPDE6F. Лут в Каражане по ролу. В 25ках сейчас ролл, планируется ДКП. В данный момент принимаем всех кроме рогов, фералов "дпс" (кошек) и армс варов . Однако наиболее востребованные классы/спеки в данный момент: Танк (друид), Варлок, Мункин, Фури Вар, Хилы (всех классов). Несколько менее, но всё ещё востребованы: Элем шаман, протопал, прот вар, шп, ханты, маги, энхи, ретрик. Связаться с нами вы можете через выше указанный дискорд, или же отписав в игре на ники Syram, Whitespark.
  5. I don't know what could mean that man which said it to u, i didn't saw anything wrong with def skill here. But just saw some people in the dungeons like to ask the tank a dumb question regarding its "def. cap" in moments when the tank dies quickly. Stupid questions because they are even don't want to see the statistics in the recount or combat log to understand what the tank died from... Maybe that man which said u was one of them, idk.
  6. What u mean "don't work"? It protect against crits, if u about reach 490 def skill, named - Crit Immune, and it work. But if u about when u reach Crit Immune u can easy tank every hc then u wrong.
  7. Привет, для начала фракцию указал бы, к примеру за альянс сейчас 2 осталось (насколько мне известно), за орду не знаю. Если за альянс играешь, то ищи в игре офицеров либо с The Praetorians, либо с Hurricane.
  8. SpellhowleR

    SoC damage

    Yesterday I beat Gruul the Dragonkiller with my retadin. And after the fight in recount I noticed a strange thing. Proc. SoC(seal of command) produse less dmg for one hit than one hit auto-attacks (i had 0 ArP, there was 5x sunder armor + faerie fire, so boss had 7700-2600-610 = 4490 armor, what is ~ 30% phys. dmg reduction). I haven't deep knowledge of retadin, but it's normal for a one average hit SoC to do less damage than an one average hit auto-attacks? I know, SoC give proc with 70% of weapon damage, but either SoC produse HOLY dmg, which ignore armor. So question is: SoC damage should be based on the inflicted dmg from auto-attacks (i.e. the calculated auto-attack damage minus the absorption of armor), or only from the calculated auto-attack strike without taking into account the target’s armor?
  9. SpellhowleR

    Rogue nerfed?

    Maybe, they just fixed what worked incorrectly before? Blizzard so gave rogue in the PVP more than most other classes (imho, more have only druids), it is logical that in the PVE it is difficult for them to find a group. In any case, you would then write exactly what caused this drop DPS, it may turn out that this is a new bug.
  10. Depends on what you mean by pvp. One thing is for sure, you won’t be even half as effective in pvp from a restor. druid (or his hybrids) or a rogue. In TBC prot pala in pvp isn't like in WOTLK. You can be effective only in duels, and in group clashes in which the enemy in most doesn't have healers or casters. And this will happen very rarely.
  11. Before starting, they promised x1 rate server, mhm?
  12. On other private servers there was option "report spam", but unfortunately it's not on this, the ignore list already contains more than 200 nicknames (through addon ignore more), half of which would be much more convenient to flag through "report spam", because it blocks messages only for some time. And why is it missing on this server? Does this have anything to do with adding it on later patches?
  13. In game world channel now (and even earlier) is a dump, because now there sell things, looking for grp, and just talk (some ppl love spam anal[shit] and etc). Could you make possible to write on the LFG channel (right now we can’t write there) and organize the moderation of the channels? In which players looking for a group only on the LFG channel, trade is allowed only in the trade channel (maybe make it available everywhere), world channel free from lfg and trading. And maybe add a command (for example, something like ".guild ann" ) for recruiting in a guild, with which all players would see the sent message. A kind of some, more limited, analogy of GM messages. Available only to (for example 60+ lvl) players in the guild, with the rank of officer (for example, have access to the officer’s note), and had a reload time of 1 hour. This should also offload the world channel from spam recruiting.
  14. Можете не писать, ГМ внезапно расформировал гильдию (буквально за пол часа до сборов назначенного им рейда), с его слов по причине "уезда в другую страну".