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  1. Thanks god there's one person less with behaviour like yours on NW fresh :)
  2. Skeith16.09.2019 Greetings @everyone Just here to give you an update on the availability of character exports. Our developer has had a few hurdles in real life and has had to put them on the backburner and we apologize for the delay. I am happy to say that the character exports will be made available to you on October 5th, 2019. We're sorry if this isn't as quick as you'd like, but seeing as this is likely the last thing this project will be delivering to our players we definitely want to be sure it's done right. Thank you all for your patience.
  3. It's not opened yet. The only vanilla raid currently available is Zul'Gurub.
  4. Wolf (main dev and high chief of this server) said not happening this month
  5. I can boost you to 60 for gold in like 5 hours. PM me if leveling is too hard for you :-)
  6. Wrdlbrmpft

    Corpse Camping

    It's not bannable. When that happens, do something else like create a new account and play an alt or make a bank alt and run it to OG. Corpse campers usually leave after like 10 minutes and if they stay forever, you have to log out anyways (or resurrect, hide and hearthstone to level somewhere else).
  7. if you didn't read the faq on nw don't complain here. Stop searching for excuses, make a new account and play normally like everyone else here does.
  8. Talking about 25 man: Every group should have a shaman in it, for the lusts, so you can rely on having 1% hit. The best thing you can have is 5 bm hunters in 1 group, since they buff each other with a total of 15% damage (even 4 hunters and 1 shaman are ok). Other viable dps groups are 3 locks, 1 ele, 1 moonkin (also used for the 3% melee hit for melees), 3 locks, 1 ele, 1 sp (mana reg is highly underrated and if you don't have many melees, you can skip the 3% melee hit from moonkin) or 1 ele 2 arcane mages 2 shadow priests.
  9. maybe your memories after 12 years are a little bit blurred? people tend to remember everything as they wanted it to be.