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  1. Recruiting most Classes but prio atm we need: Holadins HPriest/SPriests RDruids Bears Boomkins Warlocks
  2. Hi we are an International English speaking guild and are recruiting to fill our 2nd Karazhan group and future 25 man raids - Full TBC exp leadership,we want more RAID LIKE MINDED players - We have our own Discord and Website which is the source we use to sign up for raids via the calendar. RT- Weds+Mon 8pm - 11pm(ST) Socials Welcome Recruiting most Classes but prio atm we need: Holadins HPriest/SPriests RDruids Protadins Bears Boomkins Warlocks If your class/spec is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us for a personal conversation about the situation regarding your class/spec. We will always consider any exceptional players showing interest in joining our guild. What we look for in our members: - Deciated people who enjoy the game with a Semi-hardcore raiding mentality - We expect our members to be prepared for raids and have a high raid attendance (95%+) - Friendly people who don't mind going out of their way to help another guild member - People who put a significant effort into their character Raid times: Monday + Wednesday 20:00 PM - 23:00 PM (Server time) Loot distribution system: Loot council If the guild has any interest or you may have any questions please contact Sparkplugs, Gringodead or Bloodbane in game. Pop along to our website and make the short application. Hope to see you soon. https://loonytoons.wowhordes.com/
  3. I have just found this server, is it any good and is the server so unstable atm?