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  1. I think people are "jealous" because they leveled 1x and some will level 2x. I leveled at 1x rate and it would not hurt my feelings at all if we had 2x rates for vanilla content. Only XP rates. not all drop rates. It would not mean that people will be less experienced if they leveled 2x instead of 1. I've seen bad players leveling 1x and i've seen bad players leveling 50x. Not everybody is godlike with the class they are playing. I think everybody has noticed by now that server population has dropped significantly. It could be that is summer and people don't spend that much time inside their houses anymore. Or it could be that people have burned out already. Who knows for sure. When we had 2x rates server population was higher. In conclusion, this xp boost would not hurt anyone. On contrary, it would absolutely benefit every single player that cares about this server.
  2. Admins don't accept server transfers. Everybody must level their characters here.
  3. i think the only way to restore a character is from the shop. You have an option there for 30 AP.
  4. For some reasons admins of Netherwing prefer discord instead of forums. Send pictures on discord to any GM and they should take care of the problems.
  5. I mentioned this in another thread. I think best solution would be to have x2 xp for classic content. It would not hurt anybody. But at the end of the day, admins have the ultimate call. They will decide if this can be implemented or not. Not sure if polls can be made on Discord, but i would suggest to make a poll to see people's choice about x2 xp. I suggest it on Discord because forums are visited by max 5% of server population.
  6. As Macumbafeh already mentioned, your solution is implemented. It just seems that people don't do AV during normal weeks. Once i had a 2 hours que. There is a solution for AV BGs: wait for the AV bonus weekend. It will pop like crazy. Yesterday about 40 AV marks got destroyed from my mail because i had nothing to spend them on.
  7. I believe only xp rates were increased to 2x. Quest items drop rate and everything else were still at 1x.
  8. i offer 10 gold for 60 levels. I have 1 char at level 70 and 1 at level 56. So i'm good.
  9. This a TBC server, not a classic server!!! If i wanted to play on retail classic i would not waste my time on a TBC server. There are some very good vanilla servers. x2 rates only for vanilla content would not hurt anyone. Also if you don't like it, you can always disable it. For example look at the population of the server. Before this x2 event population was somewhere between 2.6k and max 3k players during weekend peak times. I saw this weekend we have almost 3.9k again.
  10. I agree that x2 for vanilla content would be very nice.
  11. Server version is 2.4.3. All talents are for 2.4.3 version of the game. But the content is for 2.1, also for PVP. Season 2 started not long ago.
  12. I'd say win ration is balanced. In weekends i have like at least 60% bg win rate on Alliance side.
  13. I've literally got 1 level and 5 bars of XP trying to get aged gorilla sinew in STV. Have fun with that
  14. Works fine. Good website. You have some kind of super ultra mega protective anti virus i guess.
  15. Yea right, you can que up in full greens. Skill will kill your overgeared enemy. Good luck vs some war with Stormherald with PVE trinket. Or full geared frost mages. Truth is, there is no catch up so you will have to suck it up and not give up. Eventually gear can be obtained but it's not easy.