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  1. <planned parenthood> [Horde] [NA] is looking for a few skilled players to round out our roster for the upcoming Netherwing launch. We're a close knit group of players who've stuck together on multiple servers now. On past servers we've had a more hardcore approach, this time we're looking to be a bit more casual, have fun and clear some content before Classic releases next year. Although our Guilds atmosphere will be more on the casual side (most of us will be taking it easy as far as leveling speed goes) we do still expect our members to be putting in maximum effort for raids; this means being focused, showing up on time, having high raid attendance and coming prepared to raids with the proper min-maxed specs/gems/enchants/professions/consumables. We're looking to keep a smaller roster so we much prefer players that can consistently make our raid times week in and week out. Current recruitment needs: Hunters Resto Shamans Exceptional applicants regardless of class will always be considered. Feel free to contact me here or on Discord with any questions - MarkyMark#7025. Raiding Schedule: Wednesday & Friday 6pm-10pm EST Application: https://goo.gl/forms/i4Jfnj1ft94tDELp2
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