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  1. Because fresh is coming soon, I'd like to share my warlock leveling guide (along with explanations WHY "this over this" aka don't listen to youtube plebs guides). This one has been tested on current NW server (because different p-servers have different values of MANY THING [most important there are pet values]). Build is affliction with some demonology talents over level 50" and it's focused on Draintanking", AoE pulls, Voidwalker tanking/sacrifice. I'm explaining Voidwalker > Felguard and Succubus somwhere below. This guide also includes spells skips, my current bind list and some "how to level" notes. You will find there some shortcuts (like RoF = rain of fire, corr = corruption, immo - immolation etc.) feel free to criticize. 1. Talent build 10-14 imp. corruption 5/5 15-17 suppression 3/5 18-19 imp. drain soul 2/2 20-21 imp. CoA 2/2 22-22 amp. curse 1/1 23-27 fel concentration 5/5 28-29 soul siphon 2/2 30-30 siphon life 1/1 31-32 shadow embrace 2/5 33-34 imp. life tap 2/2 35-39 shadow mastery 5/5 40-44 contagion 5/5 45-47 shadow embrace 2/5 -> 5/5 48-49 imp. corruption 2/3 50-50 unstable aff. 1/1 51-55 demonic embrace 5/5 56-58 imp. VW 3/3 59-60 fel int. 2/3 61-61 fel domination 1/1 62-64 demonic aegis 3/3 65-65 fel int. 2/3 -> 3/3 66-67 master summoner 2/2 68-68 imp. corruption 2/3 -> 3/3 69-70 kinda w/e, nightfall/imp. howl of terror/grim reach/CoExhaustion/fel stamina - all of those are more pvp focused So, at 68 it looks like this https://tbcdb.com/talents/index.html?en&warlock&3502222510035105500010050330103200000000000000000000000000000000 Now some explanations: Like said before... This build is focused on VW + draintanking + AoE pulls (by AoE I mean pulling mobs 1 by 1 in very short period of time) - this is explained below [2]. Because of that I'm skipping popular leveling talents like: nightfall, grim reach, curse of exhaustion, dark pact. A) nightfall - it's simple, shadowbolt are close to 1/1 damage per mana. CoA is close to 4/1, corruption 2/1, immolate 2/1, unstable affliction 3/1, siphon life 1/1 but also heals you for that amount so you can say it's 2/1. So this is all about value, and once I hit mobs with dots I don't need bonus damage to down 'em (And If I do, I do it with drain life). B) grim reach - because it's VW build, I simply pull mobs with VW to get first "10% of threat" + single torment. Also I can keep drinking (if needed) while pulling. C) curse of exhaustion - kinda useless for pve, your pet + dots are strong enought to beat down elites (also most of em on NW are not immune to fear) D) dark pact - with this build I'm trying to ALWAYS finish mob with drain soul rank 1, I also have improved life tap (btw. life tap doesn't breakes 5-sec mana rule), and VW's mana is too important to drain it. And some other explanations: A) 18-19 imp. drain soul 2/2 - I'm picking this at 18-19 because with ghostlands questing gear I'm regenerating around 130-150 mana per mob on this level (so this is already 3/1 mana value [drain soul rank 1 cost 55 mana]) B) 28-29 soul siphon 2/2 - at lvl 30 I get next rank of life drain, so picking this before concentration is kinda waste C) 31-32 shadow embrace 2/5 - due to my calculations it stacks with soul siphon (this is finished at lvl 45-47 because damage boost talents are more important) D) 33-34 imp. life tap 2/2 - there's no better moment to pick this talent (so I pick it just before shadow mastery is avaible) E) 48-49 imp. corruption 2/3 - there's a lot of quests with spell damage items reward aroudn this level (before 40 I can get roughly 20 spell damage so this talent has low value) F) 59-60 fel int. 2/3 - bonus for imp. drain soul (it's finished at lvl 65, there are more important talents ahead) G) 66-67 master summoner 2/2 - because sacrificing VW is part of this build, summing it back 4 sec faster is save time 2. Playstyle and why I choose VW over Felguard/Succubus I've been recently testing those 3 builds on NW ptr realm, and I found that: A) There's no huge damage difference between VW and Succubus. B) Felguard with demo build deals around 2x more damage than VW with same build (when he has frenzy stacks, otherwise damage is close to VW). C) Dots are still main damage (even with demo build), so even with felguard dealing 2 times more damage than VW - it's still low (unstable affliction + siphon life deals more). D) Leveling with felguard is slower because you can't do pulls AoE (you are missing siphon life) - You can pull like 2-3 mobs of your level and you end up fight with low hp/mana BUT [E] E) with VW I'm able to pull 6-8 mobs with same level before I sacrifice VW, so I can kill up to 8 mobs in ~90 sec F) warlock's pets are dying "super fast" The playstyle: A) 1-10 - imp + dots, maybe some wand (there's nothing to do about it) B) 10-29 - pull with VW + dots + imp. drain soul [finisher] + drainlife sometimes + wand sometimes (at those levels more likely I don't sacrifice VW but heal him with shadow consume shadows). W/o siphon life I'm not capable to pull more than 3-4 mobs (depends of mob level) C) 30-70 - pull with VW + dots + imp. drain soul [finisher] + drain life + deathcoil + suffering + sacrifice (if needed. otherwise I just heal pet with consume shadows), so... because of siphon life I'm capable to pull more and more mobs at once (I'm care with caster mobs - they usually hit like a truck on p-servers) I never start a pull with full HP - balance with life tap as much as possible for optimal value. My itemization with this build looks like: Spell power > Intellect > Stamina > nothing else (int over stamina because of imp. drain soul) On NW you can abuse melee hit + wand (useful on low levels). I Use necrosis addon to clear my bags of soul shards (from lvl 10 I usually have not more than 4 in my bags). I only stack soul shards for solo-elite quests (curse of weakness + resummon abuse). I have my own leveling guide (route), so In 99% of cases I don't fight mobs >3 level - so suppression 3/5 is enough. 3. Spell training and skips. If there's STAR (shift+8 symbol) next to the level number - this means I skip visiting trainer at this level. Also notice You can buy demon books pre-level. There are some shortcuts - sorry, You will figure out. 1 immo 4 corr / IMP-BLOODPACT 6 Tap / Shadowbolt 8 CoA / Fear / IMP-FIREBOLT 10 DS / HS / Armor / immo 12* funnel / Shadowbolt 14 corr / Drain life / You can Buy VW-SAC just now 16* Tap / breath / VW-SAC 18 SS / CoA / VW-CONSUME 20 Armor / funnel / immo / RoF / summon / Shadowbolt / VW-TORMENT 22 HS / Drain life / Eye 24 corr / sense demons / VW-SAC / VW-SUFFERING / You can buy VW-CONSUME just now 26* CoT / Detect invis / Tap / VW-CONSUME 28 banish / CoA / funnel / Shadowbolt 30 MOUNT60% / SS / Armor / Drain life / immo / VW-TORMENT / You can buy VW-SAC just now 32* Fear / WARD / VW-SAC 34 corr / HS / VW-CONSUME / You can buy VW-SUFFERING just now 36* spellstone R1 / funnel / Tap / Shadowbolt / VW-SUFFERING 38 CoA / Drain life / SiphonLife (Ratchet trainer may not have Drian life spell -> BUG) 40 SS / Armor / Howl / immo / VW-SAC / VW-TORMENT / You can buy VW-CONSUME just now 42* Coil / WARD / VW-CONSUME 44 corr / funnel / Shadowbolt 46 HS / Drain life / Tap 48 CoA / SiphonLife / banish / VW-SAC / VW-SUFFERING 50 SS / Coil / Armor / immo / CoT / VW-CONSUME / VW-TORMENT 52* funnel / Shadowbolt / WARD 54 corr / Drain life / Howl / You can buy VW-SAC just now 56* Fear / Tap / VW-SAC 58 SiphonLife / HS / CoA / Coil / VW-CONSUME 60 MOUNT100% / Unstable / corr / SS / DOOM / Armor / funnel / Shadowbolt / WARD / VW-TORMENT / VW-SUFFERING / immo 61* - 62 Drain life / Fel armor / You can buy VW-SAC and VW-SUFFERING just now 63 SiphonLife / VW-SUFFERING 64* VW-SAC 65 corr / You can buy VW-CONUSME just now 66* VW-CONSUME / soulshatter 67 CoA / funnel 68* HS / Coil / Tap 69 Drain life / Fel armor / immo / Shadowbolt / VW-SUFFERING Just a note about 100% mount - I don't do quest, I buy it for 595 gold (with revered rep.) Also, at lvl 60 it's not kinda possible to gather that much money. Clearing all quests in Hellfire Peninsula is worth around 250-300g (along with seling gray items) - same about Zangarmarsh. I skip those spells during leveling (R stands for rank, the number inside [X] is level) MOST OF DEMON BOOKS CoWeakness R1 [4] (till outlands - so I can abuse resummon sometimes) CoRecklessness R1 [14] Searing pain R1 [18] (this is great for pvp but I pick shadowbolt [becaise of shadow mastery talent]) Drain mana R1 [24] (never found it usefull during leveling) Drain Soul R2 [24] (guess why) firestone R1 [28] - I wand sometimes (btw. this boosts pet damage) hellfire R1 [30] - I use RoF rank 1 to destealth druids/rogues if neccesary Enslave R1 [32] (most of demons you can enslave during leveling are not sripted - I mean "Their abilities") CoElements R1 [32] RoF R2 [34] - I only use rank 1 for some PvP spellstone R2 [48] - I only use rank 1 for dispelling myself from various mobs abilities Soulfire R1 [48] incinerate R1 [64] Ritual of souls [68] 4. my leveling binds a = alt s = shift c = control 1 wand 2 immolate 3 corruption 4 unstable affliction s1 wand s3 target macro (Yea, I have few target macros for different leveling range - patroling mobs, btw. on NW there patrols are actually scripted A+) s4 shadow bolt s5 rain fo fire R1 a1 pet attack a2 pet follow a3 pet stop a4 pet macro (totem killer) a5 pet ability 3 (for VW it's consume shadows) Q CoA sQ funnel aQ pet ability 1 (for VW it's sacrifice) E siphon life [A/D] / shadowburn [X] sE death coil aE pet ability 2 (for VW it's suffering) R drain life sR drain soul R1 T CoDoom sT CoT F fear sF howl of terror aF banish G Racial 1 sG trinket Z mount X amplify curse sX targetself + bandages (on x2 [or higher] leveling rates I skip first aid - and fraische most likely gonna be x2) aX fel domination C [CHARACTER] sC life tap aC racial 2 V shadow ward sV demon-fel armor B necrosis menu cA pet agressive cS pet defensive cD pet passive 5. one more note... If you google "warlock tbc levelig guide" - most of them leads you to respec at level 50 to felguard build. Just DON'T. But I'm just a random pleb, don't listen to me. Or am I? - .-
  2. If you are about "getting the raid spot" - hunters / warlocks are always in high demand (TBC). You should see 3-5 of any of those in any 25-man raidgroup. Because: A) hunters are top single target dps (plus traps/missdirection etc.) B) warlocks are top AoE dps (plus curses/stones/banish etc.) About other damage dealers... Top raiding guilds are usually taking as less as possible other dps like: ench shaman - 1 per raid to buff melee group ele shaman - 1 per raid to buff caster group arms warrior - 1 per raid for debuff / help with demo shout / some offtanking maybe fury warrior - 0-1 per raid rogue - 0-1 per raid - expose armor / some kicks shadow priest - 1 per raid for bonus spell damage ret pally - 0-1 per raid mage 1-2 per raid (some encounters "require" more or less) balance druid 0-1 per raid (buff caster group / insect swarm / ff) feral druid 1 per raid (melee group buff) Others spots are taken by tanks/heals. And please use hate speach "my guild raids with 3 rogues and 5 fury" - This one above is pretty accurate. It's obvious - depends of encounter. About "overpopulated classes"... Hard to say. If you check NW discord (guild recruitment channel), you can see that no guild is searching for: -rogues -shadow priest -ench shaman -ret pally -fury but this is most likely because you use max 1 per raid.
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  4. Does it also work like this for dungeon quests? Example... walling essence from ozzes in WC? Btw. what about "quest nodes" like sperpent bloom from the same dungeon or pumpkins from tirisfal glades - are we going to see any increased respawn timer on those?