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  1. trilesnik

    Ban Appeal

    I appreciate that man, like I said I am innocent! If I was botting would I have time to run instances, play my AH alt, and do many other things? Clearly not! But yet ive done everything lol. I think this is just a misunderstanding :)
  2. trilesnik

    Ban Appeal

    If that is what you believe then sure. But that is not at all what happened lol.
  3. trilesnik

    Ban Appeal

    @tstacw12Thanks man, but I wasn't botting. I was literally taking time off from work to push to 58/70! Thats why you always saw me on. I gave people water, I played my AH character, literally its all in the logs. @raymos Thanks man. I will be doing that :D
  4. trilesnik

    Ban Appeal

    Hey Netherwing, I noticed that I was banned last night for botting. I have never done that before, in fact the last couple of days I took off work to push to 70 as fast as possible. Maybe that is why the logs said it was very different from how I normally play. (I can supply time off requests if needed). I was wondering if you could appeal the ban and let me back to playing my mage. Thank you very much. Best, Foodandwater