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  1. I've been banned from Discord for 8 months. About 4-5 months ago, I contacted admins to find out exactly why I was banned and the only answer I got that I would not be unbanned. This is extremely frustrating, since I like to keep updated on events and news regarding the server. Please help.
  2. tomplatz

    Double WF vs WF/FT

    We need to push this ... https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/5580 https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/5600
  3. I haven't gotten a single goldseller /w since I dinged 70. Dno what ur talking about
  4. I just picked it up at the vendor for 1g 20s about 5 minutes ago.
  5. At level 39 I was Broke, at level 42 I had mount and 30g extra to spare. Now at level 54 I have 150g. Just do quests and vendor/AH. You'll get there.
  6. Hey guys, When I start my TBC client Geforce Experience notification says "Instant replay is now off" and I can't re-enable it. I guess it isn't supported. Has anyone found a fix for this?