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  1. <FACTS> 9/9 BT 5/5 MH is recruiting for tier 6 farm/sunwell prep. Raiding Tue/Thu/Sun 19-23 ST. Currently recruiting the following core positions: Hunter, Warlock, HolyPriest, EnhShaman. Exceptional applicants of all specs and classes will be considered. Link to apply still: https://goo.gl/forms/NZApWH6Bbox3o5Hz1
  2. <FACTS> [A] 6/9 BT 5/5 MH (previously Aces High on Felmyst and Nice on Lightbringer) is a semi hardcore guild recruiting for 2.1. Especially looking for: Hunter, Warlock, elem shaman Exceptional applicants of all specs and classes will be considered.
  3. Building up on popular Felmyst BiS-Lists I made my own specific for warlocks but usable for all caster classes in general. Warlock Patch 2.1 Tier6 BiS Gear For reference: Felmyst Pre T6 || Felmyst Pre T5 || Felmyst Pre-Raid
  4. <FACTS> [A] 6/6 SSC 4/4 TK (previously Aces High on Felmyst and Nice on Lightbringer) is a semi hardcore guild recruiting for 2.1. Currently recruiting the following core positions: Hunter, Warlock. Exceptional applicants of all specs and classes will be considered.
  5. You should probably add a debuff tooltip fix for High Astromancer Solarian, too. https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/5408
  6. I am very conflicted about this change as well. Would rather not have it on live servers but if retards play 2v2 arena now because of this easy 2050 i guess.
  7. Zhera


    Not everyone is level 12 already and can't be bothered to reroll. I feel your pain.
  8. Zhera


    And then, tomorrow, your brain will tell you to login again because - let's face it - we're all junkies. Faction queue is necessary and in a few days, when some people rerolled, some retards quit and some new players chose alliance because of the queue everything will be fine. Praise the Lord.
  9. 12:00 AM 1000 Alliance, 1500 Horde (40-60)
  10. As someone who did this without knowing this was an exploit I am a bit baffled by the reactions here. Sure, it was faster than normal leveling but at the end of the day hunters outleveled me still by a lot without it. I'd say in SM it was 1h 45min / level (at least for my group) which felt a bit OP but then I remembered that patch 2.3 buffed dungeon exp so I thought it was supposed to be that way. It never was 6 levels in 2h as some people make it to be.
  11. Right now: 1500 alliance 2000 horde; 18:45
  12. Well I was expecting the same, idk what went wrong but you only see one server to login - not two faction related ones. How else would you implement a queue like that?
  13. I know there are more apparent issues atm with the server crashing every 1-2 hours but I think it is necessary to enable faction queue very soon. When I was checking before the last crash we had a 41-59 Alliance:Horde ratio and it is only getting worse from this point onwards. Me, personally, I only started Alliance because the administration said there will be a faction queue. With no queue playing alliance is a pain because you cannot enjoy the game as much, when you have less players to play with and more horde to gank you. On top you have better horde racials which results in many pvp-invested players or elitists in general choosing horde by default. Now, without any faction queue enabled I am a bit confused, actually thinking about rerolling horde myself because it is already the dominant faction and with more and more people hitting 30+ more and more alliance will get very tired of ganking and horde overpopulation. It happened on so many servers before already. Please enable faction queue soon. Thanks.
  14. Let's face it, if this get's implemented you will randomly invite and get invited by everyone you see in the zone so you get shared questloot. You then will get 1/5 of the mob exp for half the quests and have to grind dungeons or mobs anyways. I don't think it is a good idea. If you want to make it easier for casuals change rested exp to 300% or faster rested exp generation but please not this.