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  1. <The Queue Is A Lie> We are An NA raiding guild looking to clear raid content with the hardmode of being alliance. We've seen a lot of what works and what doesn't and we want to do it better. Our management has been raiding since the glory days of WoW and we want to bring that experience to you. Were here to clear content in a relaxed environment and get what we can out of this retconned expansion. When we raid We raid on Tuesdays and Sundays at 8PM - 11PM CST. This is subject to change to an 8:30PM or 9:00PM start as it seems most wow players are dads with children now. How we distribute loot Epics are distributed in 25 man raids via Suicide Kings. How do YOU join Send an ingame tell to either Anadris, Teferi (the Hero of Dominaria), or Riaxa. There is no formal application process but you can tell us where you see yourself in five years. I'm sure we'll get a chuckle out of that. What do we need Everything - Ya even rogues...