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  1. Bump with update!
  2. phant0m


    SS’s of blatantly breaking ToS, complaining about what GM’s have deemed allowable over and over and over. i hope you’re banned soon.
  3. Bump. 11/11 Kara 2/2 Gruul looking for Healers and Warlocks
  4. Updated. Still searching for more people to join our fam
  5. <C L E A N> Our History & Culture We operate as a guild pre-dating Netherwing and plan to continue together into the future (Classic being a big focus for us). We are filled with predominantly adults aged 30+. We take our raiding pretty seriously and have a history of progression - but we also like to meme, joke around, and recognize people have lives and commitments outside of game. We are also the guild who brought you the server "The Construct" - instant lvl 60 raiding server, as well as Discord WoWChat, and the Ignorelevel addon that rekt the gold spammers on Netherwing. Raid Info We raid 3 days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7PST. We expect all our members to be fully enchanted, gem'd and consumed. We expect people to stay for the allotted raid period for that night unless special circumstances. Progression 11/11 Kara 2/2 Gruul's Lair 1/1 Mag 5/6 SSC 2/4 TK Classes & Specs we'd consider Warlock (High) Hunter (Medium) We would also consider any exceptional players - so please do not hesitate to stop by our discord. Visit Us http://discord.gg/YFDPhDd