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    Slow down

    Between patch 2.1 and 2.3 being released on the server barely three months have passed, patches that was released about six months apart on retail. People had barely gotten into Hyjal/BT before most guilds started to suffer from members quitting before classic and the server losing the majority of the hardcore raiders, leaving most guilds unable to raid properly for weeks and I would say that most guilds are only starting to get back into raiding with a stable roster. Now today I read on discord that T6 content will be nerfed next week, and even though I actually made an effort to push content on this server, because of the circumstances with classic I havent been able to raid as much T6 as I would like. T6 content at present which I have cleared is half of BT and I would very much like to get the chance to clear T6 before any nerfs. Back when you nerfed the T5 content, it made some of the encounters total faceroll, please dont ruin T6. The current T6 content is not too hard at all, and I dont see why you would need to nerf it so soon after release. Please give people a fair chance to clear the content before any further nerfs. The problem is classic combined with holiday season, NOT the content. Like many of the people here, I'm playing tbc for the challenge that retail dont offer, please dont make the content too easy, theres no fun in that.