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  1. Any other idea for leveling? Was thinking to try destro just for a change.
  2. Wow. What happened to warlocks? In the first post they were too many and in the next one the least played?
  3. Why use Focused Fire? It's primary use is KC, which is after 60?
  4. kikeron

    Dreamstate build

    Well not because the OOM thing. It is because easier soloing+HoTs in heroics might be not THAT nice :P
  5. kikeron

    Dreamstate build

    Anyone reads these forums? Anyway I will try. What is your opinion on Dreamstate build for heroics?
  6. Can you import there old wowhead links? I came up with it because I was reading some old elitistjerks posts with wowhead links. This script converts the links.
  7. I wrote a small simple python script to convert old tbc wowhead talent calculator build links, to http://calculators.iradei.eu ones. It does not work for ALL links for some reason and TBH I did not spend much time trying to figure out why. Its use is obvious; wowhead does not support these links any more. For instance it will convert http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=IZbxczIdzZxx0tr0tVuV to http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/warlock?0000000000000000000002050030133210100000000505000512200510531050 . Feel free to modify it to work properly with other expansions (or with the links that do not work :P ). Feel free to contribute in general. You need python3 to run it. Feel free to host it somewhere for all to use etc. cl={"0":"druid","c":"hunter","o":"mage","s":"paladin","b":"priest","f":"rogue","h":"shaman","I":"warlock","L":"warrior"} numtal={"I":[21,22,21],"0":[21,21,20],"c":[21,20,23],"o":[23,22,22],"s":[20,22,22], "b":[22,21,21],"f":[21,24,22],"h":[20,21,20],"L":[23,21,22]} data2={'0':"00",'o':"10",'b':"20",'h':"30",'L':"40",'x':"50", 'z':"01", 'k':"11", 'd':"21", 'u':"31", 'p':"41",'t':"51", 'M':"02",'R':"12",'r':"22", 'G':"32",'T':"42", 'g':"52", 'c':"03",'s':"13",'f':"23",'I':"33",'j':"43",'e':"53", 'm':"04",'a':"14",'w':"24", 'N':"34", 'n':"44", 'v':"54", 'V':"05",'q':"15",'i':"25",'A':"35",'y':"45",'E':"55" } inp=input("Enter wowhead talents link:") inp=inp.replace("http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=","") print (inp) _class=cl[inp[0]] print(_class) trees=inp[1:].split('Z') print(trees) c=0 out=[] for t in trees: out.append("") for ch in t: out[c]+=data2[ch] #print (data2[ch]) zeros='0' * (numtal[inp[0]][c]-len(out[c])) out[c]+=zeros c=c+1 print ("Link: http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/"+_class+"?"+''.join(out))