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  1. Hey i doubt that you will read this Slipperypete cause you cant read with that small brain you got but just in case: I hope you will die slowly, and painfuly you fat,16yrs old neckbeard that needs to gank lvl 20 Chars with ur 70 WL the whole time. Your the man, and when your back to school getting beaten up cause no body in the real world likes you , you can feel realy special cause you did all this. Kys.
  2. Okay machen wir so! Bin schon im Discord (Retr0Luck) bei wem muss ich mich melden?
  3. Made a Human Priest, Razhin , will be on tommorrow around 11 a.m server time /w me then
  4. Rather start a new one together, can swap when we reach 20 if u want. Or Play the new Chars only together. Planed on going Priest
  5. Hey, ich hätte interesse! Zocke seit damals BC WOW, mal offi mal Privat und suche ne Entspannte Gilde mit denen man zusammen in Insen gehen kann, oder auch mal Twinken. Frage nur: Sind auch leute Vormittags/Mittags on? Da ich in Schicht arbeite werde ich in der woche meist dann On sein!
  6. Hey i want to make and Alt and would join you! i can play in the week time 11-15 Server time. Any idea about the class/race you want to play?