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  1. sna7ch


    I'm from Serbia, and I can play on NW without lag only at mornings. At evenings my MS goes up to 120 mostly (80-120) and there's slight lag that I can feel constantly. I asked around few people from Balkan and they also have these lags (even more ms) while few others EU players even more far from Poland then Serbia, have like 40ms. Whats going on and how to fix it? On other servers I have 0 lag and on Netherwing evening time I'm laging. (note: its not spell batching what Im experiencing)
  2. sna7ch

    <Zeal> EU

    I was probably killing you in the same questing area. Not good etiquette? Lol. Are you playing Sims or RP server?
  3. sna7ch


    Have you even read the the topic before coming here all happy that you rolled Alliance? This isnt "faction queue" we had in mind. Faction queue should be upon creating a character and not like this. Also this current faction queue has alot of flaws regarding frequent disconnects and needs to be delt with very fast, either allow transfers from Horde to Alliance, or disable it because this isnt gonna fly(because of disconnects mostly), its very obvious, so I hope staff is working on something.
  4. sna7ch


    This. Also random crash happens, wow error or something( I got disconnected at dungeon right before end, and got stuck in 210 queue when I tried to login). Remove this shit until you figure something out. edit: got disconnect again(only me for some reason(happens only today for some reason)) and stuck in queue again after waiting. Not worth playing until this is delt with.
  5. sna7ch


    There's been a talk of faction change, by some staff at discord. Looks like a hastily made decision to me because there has never been any talk of this, until this queue. I dont like this but if it's gonna solve faction problem abit, meh. I wouldve switched myself but ferals are just crap on alliance compared to horde.
  6. sna7ch


    From what I understood before, queue is supposed to happen when you try to create a character at start, like you cant make a horde character until ally/horde ratio is good, not like this, where you keep players 15-30min in queue(at morning) because they play horde character. If this was going to happen I wouldve rolled something on alliance lol, imagine trying to login at evenings? It's going to be impossible?
  7. Greetings, Let me introduce myself, I've been playing WoW since 2009, mainly PvP but cleared all the PvE content out there on pretty much most of the popular servers(TBC,WOTLK). Mainly I played rogue/hunter (on old feenix), but since my partners quit, I went and chased PvE experience on other servers. On netherwing I'm gonna main shadowpriest(disc offspec). I decided to make a guild that focuses on PvP (also dungeons on start to get solid trinkets, pve offparts). This isnt going to be one massive PvP community, made of random backpedaling undead rogues ,its gonna be more like carefully selected community (this doesnt mean there wont be alot of people in guild, it just means we wont spam random invites to anyone). At start, guild will focus on battlegorund premades to get neccecery gear, later I want to focus on raiding alliance cities and pretty much having fun. This guild is ment to make looking for arena partners easier, for people with similar pvp experience to enjoy playing together. But mainly, this guild is made for people who enjoy world pvp-no limit pvp(example: 5man running through alliance city and killing as much as alliance and surviving as long as possible), dominating areas like auchidunum, primal farming area in nagrand, etc. I'm looking for people above 20years, who can act their age and be pretty chill and mature when it comes to WoW. Basically common sense. If you wish to join send me a PM, with a small introduction, after that I'll send you discord link. Keep in mind, that this is just pre-accepted based on first impresson, if it later turns out you're a novice you will be kicked(dont worry much about this, just dont be clicker and backpedaller and generally know how to play your class and have general wow experience, be smart). Currently I'm the only one in the guild, once the server is out and we're level 70, I'll be looking for people with leadership and managing guild experience. Cheers!
  8. sna7ch


    I think you didnt read the whole post. If you did, then how cna you keep numbers steady after large chunk of PvP players just quit due to burnout from pointless battlegrounds(I wont mention arena, because 4% of those players are actually skilled enough to enjoy and queue constantly), you need to keep the mass entertained else numbers will drop(there are clear examples of 1x realms). My suggestion is to make weekly world PvP events(No custom things, just pure city raids or territory raids) with some sort of rankings on site. Even without site ranking its okay, just simple aknowledgement and announcement of these things on site by the staff would play a huge part of making community interested. Just give something new for alliance and horde to compete about in terms of PvP rather than boring battlegrounds. Keep doing this every second sunday(keep score on site) or something like that, so the losing side has time to prepare and make a difference next time. Things like these make you create guilds and grow, I played like every tbc server out there and everytime I got bored of PvPing in battlegrounds and arenas(my partner quit long time ago and been playing just for points only). Like 80% of PvPers are playing arenas just for points and battlegrounds in meantime, you need to target that group of people and give them something else. These things grow numbers and get all the people to play, exactly what project like PTE needs.
  9. sna7ch


    As time progresses, I see alot of good fixes, alot of working stuff and quality in general, but I worry about servers population within 1-2years. Not allowing harmless pvp vanilla titles, thats just uhh. You need to learn to manage things in 2018, that is just straight slap in the face nowdays even though its not blizzlike, its been proven to be one of the best and most accepted suggestions overall on private server scene. Nothing is being done(yet) about features to encourage people to PvP, World PvP because its not blizzlike. Even if you script all the things, you cant just let it run its course, you need to manage it, keep people interested or its gonna follow the same fate as Medivh(which had 5-6k players if im correct on start) realm on Warmane(or lordaeron which was dead after ulduar pretty much(numbers on site lie btw)). And this is PTE, you need to keep numbers steady up if this project is going to work, and that requires careful consideration of non blizzlike things(Im not talking about implementing dualspec or something that "big"). I've been NW shill since the very first post about start of this project and because of Evolves PvP videos and PvP mechanics, and im surely going to play here once it gets released. But to be honest, I dont think this server is attracting enough of pvp type people even if it has better scripts then any tbc server. You need to balance things out. 1x PvE realms dont tend to live long, especially with other playable servers, you need to drop the "blizzlike" act, and allow atleaest SOMETHING like vanilla ranks and not be so stubborn about things that clearly had ONLY possitive feedback in the past. Being full-on blizzlike in theory is great, I wouldnt play any other way, but once you get required gear for raids, your only option is raidloging or leveling alt. As for PvP players, you can...no idea what, spam endlessly battlegrounds/arena and burnout rather quickly, and you'll be lucky if you form a city raid on this PvE server, because PvE people dictate and rage if someone suggest minor change claming its not blizzlike, those people will discourage staff to implement anything and are pretty much creating their own raidloging experience of netherwing.
  10. I remember when I was starting to play wow back in 2009, on xxx server, there was alot more PvP action then PvE, that's probably due to bugs, so PvP(fun) made more sense to most of the people than to play PvE. On server there were rival guilds that raided cities of opposite factions and server just felt alive, with little bit of drama here and there. Even if you came to server all by yourself, you could have tons of fun. Grouping 5-10 to 40 people and screwing around in enemys city and stuff like that. Later as PvE scripts and general scripting became better, things like that slowly died, and "PvP Guilds" mostly spam battleground premades and arenas. Top PvP players are usually in top PvE guilds, due to gear advantage, and world PvP is non existant, even though alot of people would be up for it, but they just dont wanna leave their current PvE guild. My idea is to gather people who don't wanna min-max and raidlog their whole life, and create a PvP GUILDS on both factions and just have fun doing world pvp, guild vs guild battlegrounds, dominating outland PvP on start, make server feel alive and just DO things. Even though I would prefer people to be inside the guild, you dont necessarily need to. We would create discord channel for outsiders that wanna be in their PvE guilds, and inform them on our city raids, premades and stuff. Only people with experience in PvP would be able to join, no rating requirement, just general knowledge of a class (It's easy to figure out whos a clicker and backpedaler). At the moment there's no guild, I will probably make an official post 2-3weeks before server release, so this is just an idea. I would be playing Horde and focusing on that faction if anyone is interested to do this on Alliance. Im sure this server will feel very much alive with or without this, but servers like this dont come often enough for PvPers and people who love world pvp so lets make it happen and have fun. Thoughts?
  11. If people knew what they were missing(dark portal event), most of them would agree for outland to be locked for 2 weeks atleast.
  12. Hello, I would like to suggest a very slight custom suggestion. It's about warlock soulshards, they take ALOT of bag space, so I was wondering if you could make it stackable, 10x or 20x or 50x. Someone who does PvE and PvP will strugle alot with bag space and will need to be constantly farming to use spells. If you would make it stackable we could farm them for 1-2h and not worry for next few days.