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  1. Greetings Darkslide, Unfortunately this isn't something that game masters can assist with . With 3x exp, leveling should be fairly quick, and you should have a new level 70 in no time.
  2. You could check our bug tracker, and post an update there, if you find an issue: Issues · Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker
  3. Daystar

    Can't log in

    Greetings, What error messages are you getting? Can you take a screenshot?
  4. Unfortunately expired mail is deleted permanently. This is unable to be recovered.
  5. Daystar

    Can't log in

    You can always double check your username in your account settings, located here: https://atlantiss.eu/account#general
  6. Greetings, Per our rules: https://atlantiss.eu/rules This is unfortunately not something we're able to change. I'm glad creating another account worked for you.
  7. If you logout/login again, you should be ported to the nearest spirit healer. If you're still having issues: You can always create an in game ticket, and a Game Master can assist.
  8. Follow the Two-Factor authentication recovery here: https://atlantiss.eu/account/recovery#restore-password
  9. Simply create a ticket in game, regarding the lost loot, and a Game Master can verify the drop and help with a restoration.
  10. What error message do you get? If it says your account is closed, you need to follow the ban appeal process:
  11. Check to ensure you're using the correct username: (Display name is not the same as username). You should be able to login to the main website using your email, and goto your account settings for your username. If you're still having trouble connecting, please respond back and we can assist further.
  12. Because World of Warcraft requires 1 hour for delivery of goods. Mail takes time to deliver.
  13. If you've already contacted the admins, and received a response, then the decision is final.
  14. Unfortunately not. Character restores must be done through the shop.
  15. Dear Netherwing Community, As we promised you earlier, here are the details regarding end of Season 3 and the upcoming S3 Arena Tournament: End of Season 3 & Start of Season 4 The current Arena Season 3 ends on the 11th of January, 2020. (This is the deadline in order to qualify for the Arena Tournament) The upcoming Arena Season 4 will start on the 18th of January, 2020. (Monday the 20th is the first arena point flush of Season 4) PVP resources: All Arena Teams will be reset; Players will be able to keep up to 20% of maximum Arena Points (1 000 AP); Players will be able to keep up to 20% of maximum Honor Points (15 000 Honor); Players will be able to keep up to 10% of their current Marks of Honor in their inventory. All resources listed above will be reset/reduced at the start of Arena Season 4! All titles (except for rank 1 winners [e. g. Merciless Gladiators]) and Black War Bear mounts that were distributed during the previous PvP Season 2 will be removed. End of Arena Season 3 rewards: 1st place: Vengeful Gladiator title + Vengeful Nether Drake + Artisan riding + Big Battle Bear + 20 Atlantiss coins. 2-4th place (2v2), 2-6th place (3v3)*: Gladiator title + Vengeful Nether Drake + Big Battle Bear + Artisan riding + 10 Atlantiss coins. Top 3% of Arena Teams: Duelist title. Top 3-10% of Arena Teams: Rival title. Top 10-20% of Arena Teams: Challenger title. * We reserve the right to change this value based on the amount of teams that will qualify into the tournament. How to qualify & Arena Tournament entrance eligibility requirements: Banned players are disqualified from the tournament. Players who were previously punished for fixing games, wintrading or any other arena-related offenses will be disqualified. The difference between team and each individual players personal rating cannot be bigger than 150. 1 player (2v2 bracket), or 2 players (3v3 bracket) must have played at least 30% of total team games throughout the season. All team members must be present in the arena team at the end of Season 3 when the snapshot is taken. (11th of January, 2020) Players with multiple accounts are restricted to 1 team per arena bracket. If you qualified but you have no one to play with, you are eligible to invite a new player to your team (before the season ends) in order to play with him in the tournament. That means you are eligible to invite 1 new member to either 2v2 or 3v3 team. Such player would however receive no rewards (unless the player managed to make 30% total games played before the season ends with less than 150 personal rating difference). Teams in which all players were qualified have a priority to enter the Tournament realm. End of Season Rewards eligibility requirements: In order to be able to get any tournament/end of arena season rewards at least 30% of total team games throughout the season is required together with personal rating difference not being bigger than 150. Players who were previously punished for fixing games, wintrading or any other arena-related offenses will not receive any Arena Season rewards. At least 1 player (2 for 3v3 bracket) in the team must meet the previous requirements, otherwise the team is disqualified (rank slot will not be taken by such team). Arena Tournament: The Arena Tournament will determine the distribution of Vengeful Gladiator title for Season 3. It will be held in between 11th of January 2020 and 18th of January 2020 (TBA). 2v2 bracket will include top 16* teams based on their rating at the end of the season. 3v3 bracket will include top 8* teams based on their rating at the end of the season. * We reserve the right to change the bracket size based on the amount of qualified teams Arena Tournament rules & information: The Arena Tournament will be held on a separate tournament realm similarly to the Season 2 Tournament. Gear and consumables will be obtained through our prepared vendors. (PVP gear + soft PVE from the current Season/Tier) In case you want a specific PVE item to be available, you are free to PM Evolve on discord until a few days prior to the tournament where no changes will be possible to make anymore. “Hard” PVE equipment, such as Skull of Gul'dan or Warglaives, that changes the way games are being played, is not an option under any circumstances. Same goes for items that counter only one specific comb or class, such as spell-school resistance items, reflectors etc. Before we determine which team has qualified, a wintrade check will be made together with crossing out teams that do not meet the requirements listed above. The qualified teams will be determined at the end of the Season 3 and listed publicly. All qualified teams will be e-mailed by Daystar to e-mail addresses that your accounts were registered with. In order to successfully enter the tournament, it is absolutely necessary to follow Daystar′s instructions. The tournament will follow a typical knockout format with a loser bracket. Each team will be seeded based on its position in the ranking. Matchups will follow the "best of 3" format. Final matches will be based on the “best of 5” format. The Qualified teams are obligated to play on the same account they qualified with on the main Netherwing realm. Only 1 team comp per team is allowed, meaning only 2 players for 2v2, 3 players for 3v3 are allowed to enter the tournament realm. Unlike the last tournament, this time all matches will begin in 1 day. The tournament will be tentatively livestreamed and commentated The tournament progress will be available to follow on our website where all the tournament progress (team wins/loses) will update in real time. The rewards (titles, mounts etc.) will be distributed based on the tournament results. In case there are more teams applying for the same rank (disqualified during the tournament), their position will be decided based on the rating they had at the end of Season 3 on the main Netherwing realm. Lower tier rewards (e.g. Challenger title) will be distributed similarly as Season 1 & 2 – based on the rank in a given percentual range. It will not be possible to reset talents or change individual talent points in a given talent tree during the tournament. You will be obligated to play with a spec you qualified with from the main Netherwing realm. Failing to do so may result in an immediate disqualification of the team. You are allowed to change items (provided through prepared vendors) in between matches. By entering the Tournament, you agree to be online and ready to play at a given date & time which will be determined later (by staff & tournament participants at the end of season). Failing to attend will result in the team being disqualified and will be given the rank at which the team ended in the main Netherwing realm. After you gear up your characters on the Tournament realm, do NOT leave or remake the Arena Teams you were assigned into. All ranked games on the Tournament realm are going to be processed as "tournament games", if you want to queue against each other just for fun or to test something, please use "SKIRMISH" type of arena game instead.