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  1. Hello there,as far i know it work just fine.But feel free to join our Discord and ask around https://discordapp.com/invite/jT24fut
  2. This quest as other related to AQ are disabled.Once AQ is scripted and open for the players all of this quests will be back in the game.
  3. ''all of this might be lost'' ? .Nothing gonna be lost.
  4. Think u got me wrong.... i wanna see my char in Northrend and Cata too.
  5. From a player side....ill keep playing(from time to time ) on Netherwing no matter the new ''Fresh'' or not.Its not like u gonna cut the pop in half.Some players gonna go in Fresh...some gonna stay...new gonna come etc.Just play and have fun
  6. Hello there,sadly there is no RaF in TBC.That u see is leftover from the Cata server.
  7. <GM> Smaily

    Can't log in

    Hello there,please check your realmlist and CAPS.If there is still a problem please reach out in our Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/jT24fut
  8. Hello there,please send a email to [email protected]
  9. There is no cata for at least a year.
  10. Hello there,we have only transfer from Light Hope.Sadly if u are Excal player,you gonna need to level up from start.
  11. Hello there,please delete cache+error folder and try again.