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  1. Hey guys I would like to respectfully request a slight increase in drop chance of essence of fire from Scorching elementals and living blazes in ungoro crater for repair bots. In retail I could farm for about 2 or 3 hours and get 5-10. However I have been here for about 2 hours and have only gotten 1 which is why they are selling for 10 gold each in AH currently. And 4 are needed for each repair bot currently. Thanks! :)
  2. Has the mark of sargeras drop chance gotten nerfed? I am having incredible trouble getting them today. Where as yesterday I was able to get around 70 in a few hours. I guess it's just hit or miss?
  3. Hey guys just curious how long the servers will be down I'm assuming there must've been some sort of emergency, so I'm not expecting an immediate response on the ETA. Thanks!
  4. Yeah someone was also logging into my character luckily it was while I was playing so I immediately changed my password and set up 2 way auth.
  5. Never mind, it's in the breaking news section of the log in screen. Sorry, I'm pretty new haha.
  6. Hey guys, just curious how long the server will be down for, thanks! :)
  7. Forgive me if this is a common bug, but I couldn't find any information on it, but when I loot Deepmoss eggs they ALWAYS show up empty. My bags have empty slots and I would like to complete this quest since I ran all the way out here. As far as I know so far I am the only one having this issue. Thanks in advance!
  8. I like that rule but I think its really really extreme to perma ban someone for something like that.
  9. Your playing BC I don't know if you played back in the day but this is something that was just common. Especially in the Barrens. That doesn't make it OK but its just something you have to deal with. You can go out of your way to cry about it. Or you can not let it affect you and move on. Back then people weren't always getting so offended by literally everything. Obviously people have gotten way more sensitive since then.
  10. This may be an old issue I just thought I would mention every time I log out outside of a city, specifically the merchant coast near ratchet I die. Forgive me if this is an old issue. Also thank you guys so much for this server, seriously. <3