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  1. This is just straight up bullshit. You can break in with skill easily. Especially with the bonus arena points offered for playing.
  2. Yes, I certainly agree with this, should not be usable in arena/with the flag.
  3. Hello there, Rocket boots is quite a beloved item among engineers. And in 2.1 the TBC version will be added to the game. However, us clothies will be left out as Blizzard themselves did not add on Rocket boots extreme Lite until patch 2.4. It would be really cool if this fun item could be added in patch 2.1 on Netherwing instead to make it so that all classes can enjoy this fun item. Thank you for your hard work on Netherwing, and looking forward to patch 2.1 Thank you!
  4. Posted in suggestions instead : )
  5. Hello there, Rocket boots Extreme should be added in 2.1, but rocketboots Xtreme lite (the cloth version) won't be added until 2.4. Would it be possible for the devs to add in the lite version in 2.1 as well to match the leather ones : ) ? Think us clothie Engineers would appreciate this a lot! Thanks : )!