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  1. It might be related to your graphics card. Try updating the drivers for whatever card you have first.
  2. You can follow the steps on their "How to Connect" page! https://atlantiss.eu/how-to-connect As always, do not place the download in your program files folder. Save it to your documents folder or anywhere else on your C: Drive. Placing it in program files folder can cause issues with addons and macros saving properly due to "read-only" nonsense. Edit: Opps... Your topic says uninstall lol :P Just delete the folder containing your Burning Crusade download! The end! The game itself isn't actually installed like traditional games. It just runs on its own via the .exe
  3. I'm no expert on macros, but some research seems to suggest that [Noparty] doesn't exist or hadn't existed yet in TBC. Try using the same macro but replace [Party] with [group], [group:party], or [group:raid]. [Group[ will work for any size party, [group:party] is only for 5 man, and [group:raid] is for raids. You can also try changing the PetactionButton9 & 10 to simple be /petpassive, /petdefensive but I don't personally think that's causing your problem. I'm not at home to test it myself so sorry if this is zero help :( I dug up an old guide for Macros during TBC. It may be of use to you. I'll read through it a little later tonight to see if I can find you a solution assuming the above suggestions don't work. TBC Macro Guide: http://cogwheel.info/Macro Guide.html
  4. Typing /bt4 into your chat bar will bring up the sub menu to customize the bars. From that menu you'll be able to unlock the bars to adjust their location as well as adjust their scale and visibility. There are other options as well, spend some time playing around with it and maybe you'll find a set up you like!
  5. ahh okay so sorry I did misunderstand, thanks for the clarification! I appreciate how active the GMs are on this server. thanks again for the reply!
  6. Thank you so much for the reply Daystar! I was unaware of the option to disable the bonus exp from resting (opps, I misunderstood! See Daystars reply below!). That will at least make it easier to build a twink. Are you aware of any discussion amongst the staff to implement the disable exp option in the future? I completely understand that this is unblizzlike. But hey, dreamers can dream :D Off topic but a big thanks to the devs for all the work they've put into this server! To say the least, I have been around a lot of private servers over the years and Atlantiss is very well managed. I'm sure the community appreciates all the work you do and thank you so much for giving us a space to enjoy the Warcraft we remember!
  7. - Bartender4 (For all my action bars) - CooldownTimers2 (Excellent item/skill timers to the left and right of my toon, I don't know why but I love these bars... can track just about anything with a cool down) - NComboBar (Great customizable floating combo point bar, seen just below my toon) - Perl (I forget which version, I believe it's classic? I use it for the multiple floating extra HP bars below my toon and my unit frames of course) - Recount (Damage/healing tracker) - Titan Panel (Nifty add-on with many options, I just use it for the cords & clock [upper right] but they have many useful info bars! Check it out!) - Not shown but typical quality of life add-ons such as AckisRecipeList / AtlasLoot / Auctioneer / beql / Cartographer / Gatherer / Improved Camera / Mobinfo2 / Postal / Questhelper / Everyquest
  8. Season 1 gear typically becomes available for honor at the start of Season 3 on most Blizzlike servers. I've played through a number of season 2s in the past and I personally haven't experienced much in the terms of a gear check/wall. I can't speak for others of course.
  9. I didn't want to necro an older topic but at the same time I didn't want to make a new topic for something that's already been asked... I would love the option to freeze EXP. I really enjoy the twink scene after burning out on endgame. Being able to lock your EXP gives you more freedom to enjoy your twink toon outside of just PVP. EXAMPLE: I have a lvl 40 toon (didn't want to do 39, was a world pvp twink, no low lvl bgs where I was) somewhere else that has every faction exalted. It was shear JOY doing every quest I had available to me. And to do that on my low level alt was an entirely new way of experiencing TBC. So again, Devs, we in the twink community would really appreciate this option. Thank you for your consideration!!!