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  1. @whamio yeap :D i had a lot of characters :d druid paladin and rogue :P and warlock too.
  2. @whamio indeed. as Varendial and Varre :P iwas on horde and alliance.
  3. Hello, Im playing WoW like 8-9 years. I was playing on some known servers like Hellground,Atlantis-cata, Sunwell(unlucky polish :D ),ToD, some hungarian etc. I was playing 1.5y on retail. streaming gold making. But its not a topic. Iam tryin to say, that i have got a little experience with leveling. I did probably something like ~~60-70 max lvled characters. And I liked it. I was enjoying leveling stage but i love getting exp in fast way. Or acceptable form. On Retails we could buy Heirlooms- lvl boost is blizlike, but ofc we had to pay for it. On some servers something like ''Pay2ExpFASTER'' was extreemly good. And we can agree it is blizzlike. And im not talking about x 10. or x 5 :D :D I played on x 2 here, or x 3 on sunwell. And its so good feeling, when we can level some alts, when guild is trying complete squad. But lets be honest- Vannila is coming. And ppl will emigrate on retail. exp ratio x2 or x 3 can keep high( good job atlantiss) online status. In my opinion this is solving problem with #FREEwowExperience. Cause who dont wanna pay is playing free with x1. But someone who liked this server and wanna stay here for longer for sure will buy some little help for #AtlantissPoints. Everyone will be happy. -Players x1like -Players x2~x3 -Devs. Pls think about it :)
  4. Varendial


    yeah. thats annoying bug..
  5. Your name - Varendial Reported player's name - Lokregar Date - 23.06.2019 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - This man cannot tank at all. We tried to explain how is warrior working etc, but seems like littlie kids cannot learn at all. As act of revenge he ninjalooted leather belt as warrior prot. I KNOW. its belt from ramparts norm. But if ppl will ninjalooting something like that, on end game it will be a nightmare. Evidence - screenshot Waiting for some reasonable answer :D
  6. hi, i had the same problem. i fixed it when i open internet explorer in the background, then taming beast is working perfectly :)