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  1. Thanks for making this important point. This is my thought exactly. Dragonwrath was running fine for quite a while, even with a low population. I see absolutely no reason for it to be down now. Atlantiss devs, I'll ask again, please consider fixing Dragonwrath and allowing us to play our characters again! Or at least grant us access to our data and/or open-source the code so the community can at least keep it alive. These are not difficult things to do, but it seems you guys just don't want to for some reason. It would mean so much to those of us who have been on Dragonwrath for years and years now.
  2. By the way, this post is at 656 views now. Yesterday it was at 537 when I saw it. There's got to be some level of interest in Dragonwrath to get over 100 views in just a day.
  3. @Wolfenstein Wow, I'm honestly surprised that the developers could be so inconsiderate. There are hundreds of players who have been loyal for years and years and you just screw us over like that? You're very wrong on your facts. It wasn't dead until you guys started forcing everyone to move to Tauri. Many of us COULDN'T move because we were playing level 50, 60 and 70 characters that were not ALLOWED to be moved, but we were very attached to our characters! You need to at least have the decency to share the data files so those of us who want to bring our games back have the ability to do so and don't lose the time we invested in them! As I explained above, we did not "miss it". My friends and I were unable to transfer any of our characters because they had to be on level 80 BEFORE the announcement was made. Many people didn't reach this unreasonably strict requirement. What the heck is the point of this?? If you're going to "progress" to future expansions, why not keep Dragonwrath alive to eliminate the headache of this unnecessary "progression"? You guys are making no sense at all. So why not just leave the server on? You scared away almost everyone who wasn't forced to move to Tauri. Those few of us who still want to play are not causing significant server load, so why not let us be? I just can't understand your desire to throw away years of your work to fix bugs and destroying our years of hard work on our characters.
  4. So, it's been two weeks since I posted this and nothing but crickets... seriously guys? Do you have any regard for your loyal player base? What direction are you guys even taking the server in? This news article indicates that you guys eventually plan on moving to Wotlk and then much later to Cata... but why? Several commenters there are expressing their frustration with your confusing actions on both sides of the coin. Some are frustrated that Netherwing, "The Last Real TBC Server", plans to move to Wotlk / Cata, when all they signed up for was TBC. Others are expressing frustrations about Dragonwrath being totally dead and that they (like my friends and I) have totally lost access to our characters which we worked hard on for years. And if you plan on moving to Wotlk / Cata, why the heck are you letting Dragonwrath die? Why don't you just let it live on for now and not upset either camp of your player base, both TBC fans and your loyal Dragonwrath players? I'm totally confused as to your direction right now. I'm pretty disappointed because this used to be a great, fun server and my friends and I had lots of good memories playing on it. Now we can't even access our characters anymore and none of your decisions make any sense. It's too bad... I thought this was at least one sane private server. Again, please do one of these things to show at least a little respect to your players: announce if Dragonwrath is dead open-source the codebase, so that the community can keep it alive fix Dragonwrath then you don't have to worry about moving to Wotlk / Cata and you'll quit upsetting Netherwing and Dragonwrath players alike
  5. There's no forum for Dragonwrath anymore and its Discord seems dead, with spam in every room. So I see nowhere else to ask about this but here. I tried to login to Dragonwrath today after being inactive for a month and a half due to work, but I noticed I couldn't login today. When I try to login, I am presented with a "Realm Selection" dialogue. I can select "Dragonwrath" or "Dragonwrath - PTR". But when I select either one, it merely says "Logging in to game server" and then nothing happens. It seems the servers have perhaps finally ceased to function. I read here that there is no more support for Dragonwrath. So is that it, then? An unceremonious death to a server over half a decade old which had thousands of players? Many of us could not migrate because we didn't meet the very stringent requirements. The Discord announcements room still says, "Note! Characters that will reach level 80 after the transfers announcement WON'T be able to transfer this character." None of the friends I knew met this requirement. Even besides this, many of us liked Cata and did not want to play MoP, let alone move to a new server. /sigh TLDR: If the server is truly dead, please announce it to your hundreds, if not thousands, of loyal Dragonwrath players and/or open-source your code. If you pursue the latter option, at least the community can maintain this work that has gone on for so many years. If not, then it will all grow stale and useless over time. If you don't want others to profit from your free work (which is understandable), why not release it under a strict license like GPL or AGPL? Heck, this idea is even on your FAQ page right now, so what's stopping you? IMHO, it would be better to let the community have the work so it doesn't die. To obstinately hold onto it will let it die for sure.
  6. Hi tsu, speaking of Dragonwrath, do you have any feedback for my discussion about how to run a cata server on a LAN? I'd really appreciate any info you could give.
  7. Do you know of a specific tutorial or server implementation that I can use? I understand that Atlantiss may not accommodate my wishes about the characters, etc. but it would be really cool if they did Yep, this is my plan. I just need to know what actual server implementation I can use.
  8. Yeah. AFAIK, Tauri is only MoP, but their website is blocked until you make an account. So I can't even get any info anyway.
  9. I know we can transfer, but we don't want to. We just aren't that fond of the pandas ;) We also aren't too fond of losing our lower-level characters, which we've worked hard on, as well as our gold (b/c you can only transfer 2000 gold IIRC).
  10. I've got a good-sized group of friends and we really like playing cata on 4.3.4, since that was about the time we all quit playing on blizz's servers. We've been loyal players of Dragonwrath for years... but the server seems somewhat abandoned now and we're worried that it might go down permanently at some point. We dislike MoP, so we don't want to move to Tauri (which would also lose all our lower-level characters). With these concerns, we're hoping that we can somehow run cata ourselves on a LAN in order to always be able to play together. We're a big enough group to be able to do the stuff we enjoy and we don't need 1000+ players or something huge like that. We don't want to make it a public server; it's just for our group of friends. I'm a software developer and sysadmin so I can figure out how to get such a server running, but I'm not sure what solution is best. I remember seeing an Atlantiss document in the past about how to set up your own cata server, but I lost it and now I'm not sure how to do this. All I remember is that this image was on the title page. So, in a nutshell, I'm asking: is there a way to host our own private (LAN) server via a free or open-source implementation? It would be really cool if we could use the Dragonwrath implementation itself, but we understand if this isn't doable. Ideally, we also would like to be able to download our characters from Dragonwrath so that we wouldn't lose our hard-earned characters, items, gold, etc. Thanks a lot guys!