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  1. https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?spell=30570 should be a gnome recipe ... its why i chose gnoming engineering ? pls advice
  2. Back in the Day I used to make Elemental work as much as possible no matter the expansion. PROs: insane burst and control in Melee vs Melee no 3min CD dependent non standard specc, less known by enemies 10-12%crit on gear is enough insane control in BGs CON: mana hungry, gear dependent (Haste,Int) much less forgiving to play than frost no imp. counterspell While in classic this was no problem, the "ele" in TBC faces a few challenges. - Shatter requires Melee to proc from FoF/Armor or F.Nova. Dragon Breath, our Main control is also Melee-Range - Resilience will seriously gimp your burst (I am not complaining, it was a necessary mechanic change at the time) - Haste (we want to be able to cast a 3.5s Fireball within a 2.8s time window[with Icy Veins]) - DragonBreath shares cd with CoC I can not find my old spec but this should be it (will update once I maxed my mage) http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/mage?0000000000000000000000005523201230003125312012120322012005000000000 so long, stay cool keep it fair Mirkeer p.s. I'll answer all questions as they rise up
  3. It is ok, if the ganking player has a small di** and only then. for all other players, it's not even cool to hit anything below 3lvs The honorable ones even make themselves known before attacking. And then only one kill, as I said, above ... I used to be in a guild named "A-Team" where we would/could be hired and called upon by players who get harassed continuously, sadly I do not have the time anymore to form such a guild. regards Mirkeer