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  1. Burkard

    Feierabend sucht

    <Feierabend> is looking for German-speaking players to join our community. We offer leveling support, heroic dungeons, multiple Karazhan and Zul'Aman groups every week as well as a 25man Raid. <Feierabend> (BT 9/9, MH 5/5, SWP 1/6) is recruiting German-speaking Players. High demand on Heal/Ele Shaman. Our raid times are Tue, Thu and Sun from 19:00 to 23:00 ST.
  2. Burkard

    Feierabend sucht

    This is ok, if you german speaking. For Inv whisper ingame Zaor, and say Nero send you.
  3. Burkard

    Feierabend sucht

    <Feierabend> For our first Raidgroup (SWP 4/6, Tue/Thu/Sun 19:00 - 23:00 GMT+1), we are looking for German-Speaking players of following roles: 1x Restoration Shaman 1x Mage Additionally, we are extremely proud to have our second raid group started! (SSC: 3/6, TK 0/4) Ideally, you recently hit 70 and have Kara/HC/Badge Gear, as this is about to experience the content and not getting straightly carried to SWP. Our Slogan: Freshwing? NO! Freshraid: YES! We are open to all classes & specs, but specifically we are in high demand of: - Priest - Shadow - Shaman - Enhancer - Warrior - Arms We are happy to hear from you. Please contact us ingame or get in touch with me for more information. Cheers!
  4. Do you use Carbonite oder Gatherer, this Addons use channels, i mean
  5. I am looking for a working Version of Necrosis, can somebody help me? After Lvl 60 my Version dont show my Nightfall Procs
  6. Hi, on my old private Classic Server we have a "World" Channel, in this Channel is everybody on the Server. This is very nice for Communikation. After Server Login the Server post a Info about "World" Channel. Have we a world channel on Netherwing?