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  1. While questing in the world it gets REAL annoying and frustrating when the Horde (I am Alliance) gang up on you and camp kill you for 45-1hr and wont allow you to finish a quest while leveling. I understand this is a PVP server, but I hate PvP, and I don't want to fight back because they will just continue to attack. So what do I do? I just stop playing, and thats sad because I lose time to play with the friends I made on this server. Admins should make a command like .char pvpoff - for those that don't want world pvp. Because its just frustrating and annoying to deal with. And you cant even report it because I think they need to "camp kill you" for like 2 days. At max I was camp killed for 1hr and I just stopped playing. Most of you love PvP, thats fine, but if you attack someone in the world and they aren't attacking back. Leave them alone. They just wanna play the game and not be annoyed.
  2. My pet can't hold aggro. If I feign Death. I lose it, then soon as I attack ONCE, i get aggro again, When I disengage. I lose aggro. then when i attack ONCE I get aggro. I am lvl 65 my pet is lvl 64 and he has lvl 7 growl. Now I doubt the 1 level difference between my pet and I are the issue. As this was never a problem before. It has been fine for all this time that I played, but now for the past two days my pet is not working correctly like he has no growl. I am also in Nagrand. I reported this on bug tracker but they will either close it or not pay attention to the post. So i am posting it here to see if they listen because this server has the WORST support ever.
  3. Its good they listened to ONE of my bug reports. But I had like over 30 and only one got listened to? Shame. And I even showed proof and or extensive wording.
  4. I understand that, but they instantly close my report. So I can't check up on it can I? nor do they ask questions, they see it. I get an email, and it says they closed it. No questions, no further proof. Nothing, they just delete the entry.
  5. So I am one of those players that, if I find a bug, I will report it. Whether it be on Retail or Private servers. But this server has GOT to be the WORST at "support" or "trust" in the bug reports. You know how many bug reports I have posted been closed? What is the point in posting a bug, with all the information necessary, just for it to be closed and not fixed. For Example. Class: Hunter - Feign Death STILL BROKEN after ONE MONTH of reporting the issue, Hunter Pets randomly attacking mobs that aren't aggro'd, - Being able to shoot through walls, which means BROKEN LoS. And so much more! broken scripts, quests, Abilities not working as intended. Sometimes needing to press the same ability twice because the first time it doesn't cast. But every time I post a bug report, it just gets closed. I never see NO improvements to this server. Only reason I am still playing it is because I made good and friendly friends. But the moderators, or whomever, needs to pay attention and take these bug reports seriously and not as a "troll" if they think that.
  6. Like title says. I got my addons from wow legacy or some other sites that are all for 2.4.3 but addons like Carbonite says its out of date and requires an update. I have half of my addons requires an update but I don;t know where to update them from.
  7. This picture will Tell you what im dealing with, even after importing the addons from the zip file from the TBC folder I still get this error.
  8. Randomly logging out - then I get on server list and can't relog it just takes me back to server list. Bug? Server updates? whats going on?
  9. I like this server, I made good friends, I have relived the vanilla and now TBC content. But the X2 EXP needs to be enabled for permanent. For those that don't want it can disable it with a command, pure and simple. Retail vanilla is coming, What is going to happen to these servers? What is going to happen to the friends we have made? some of the friends we have made here are EU that we will never see or play with again. There needs to be an incentive to continue to play. Also "Devolopers" "Game Masters' Whoever NEEDS to UPDATE this game DAILY because the content, classes (specially hunters) mobs, raids, dungeons, scripts, drop loot chances for quests. (server is PVP server ok, but allow us to disable that option because we hate being camped for 30-1hr which just ruins peoples time) Also when we donate money, and buy mounts, pets etc it should be ACCOUNT WIDE not CHARACTER ONLY that is just silly. I shouldn't buy that same Mount AGAIN for another character. Also the 100% spectral or flying mounts just cost way to much, for someone who lives in Australia its like $200 Come on man, I bought, two mounts and a pet. But I am not going to throw any more money if its a one time use only and THAT expensive. I am all for supporting this server. Because, like I said, I love it. But These things I said. NEED to be IMPLEMENTED. SPECIALLY the UPDATES. No one likes a Broken Toy!!!
  10. Remember guys, Retail Vanilla is coming out. So what is that going to do to Private Servers? X2 exp can be left as it is. And can be switched off with that command how it can be done right now in game. No problem. It is just fair for new players to catch up for those who have made nice and friendly friends on here who pr obably won't switch over to retail vanilla.
  11. So for new players that are coming to Atlantiss (Netherwing) 2x exp should be permanent so new players can catch up to end game content (raids) it won't ruin the "Vanilla experience" and the x2 experience can stop once you hit TBC content. Also it would make it easier and fun just to make alts and not make it such a grind. Specially with Retail Vanilla coming out. You want some ideas to keep this server up and running.
  12. As a new player to this server the x2 experience boost is fantastic to catch up to fellow friends and guildies so we can raid before new content comes out. If I may suggest. x2 experience stay for Vanilla content, and soon you reach TBC it goes back to normal exp values. Not only is it still "Blizzlike" it will allow newcomers, like myself to enjoy Vanilla raids while its still relevant. Also I would suggests boosts to copper, silver & gold. Not ridiculously easy to get, but enough so we don't have to beg people for money, specially in vanilla content. It makes it x5 harder to play a hunter, that is a broken class ( with multiple class bugs) specially when your pets don't have abilities and you can't afford to buy spells for you and your pet. This would make a great incentive to make new and old players stay since Retail Classic is coming out in August. I still want to experience vanilla and all the best expansions, but I don't want to spend months leveling and missing out on raids that I love. So please take this suggestion and speak with your moderators, admins and everyone involved on the server, as it would make it fantastic. Also. Please make a PvE server so people don't get ganked and camped for hours on end which ruins the experience and fun time of the game. Or allow the PvP server to have a PvP /off /on function. For those that want or don't want to participate. Specially lower levels getting ganked and camped by max level players.