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  1. I found a simple workaround: login with a windows operative system (and relative windows client), move you butt OUT of that hellish machine, logout and relog with your normal OSX system. I have a bootcamp that allows me to emulate the windows system using my Mac, so I saved my client on an external hard-drive, ran the bootcamp, login, moved my char AWAY from that elevator and now I can play again, pretty simple. I only hope that time-consuming procedure will not be required every time I step on an elevator, I'm going to update this topic in case. Hope other Mac users will never experience such issue and, if so, may they find this topic useful! Have a nice game guys ?
  2. I quote: this dynamic also promotes bullying, causing frustration to both good and soon bad people and joy only to bad ones (you're not a good person if you're max level and slaughter a low-level player with no honor at all)... so many times I got one-shot by a level 70 enemy player, is this the world we are willing to play in? Reality is already grim, we don't need to live injustice in games too...
  3. Hey man, it just happened the SAME thing to me few hours ago. I play on Mac too and I currently can't login with my main character (hunter BM level 64, female night elf): The client crashed when I stepped on the Telredor elevator and now I can't login anyhow. I can login with other characters, all of them, but not with the hunter. I also have been experiencing various crashes in the past few days, but not related to elevator; these crashes mainly happened few seconds after I just logged in (maybe due to some loading error); at that point I thought it was because of some AddOns messing things up, so I started to experiment disabling some of them, disabling all of them in the end: crashes still occured. However, they were not a big deal, I just had to login with patience and perseverance and the eventually the game stopped to crash so I could play. But now it's different, when I try to login with my hunter the game crashes as soon as the loading screen has completed his task reporting me an error window (I saved some of them). I tried to cancel the AddOns: didn't work I tried to cancel the files inside the error folder and the Cache folder: didn't work I tried to restart the computer (twice): didn't work I tried to change computer (laptop): didn't work I tried to reinstall the client to the other computer: didn't work I look forward to see if other people are experiencing the same issues (if this affects only players who play on OSX, or Windows too)
  4. Also my pet has this bad habit to occasionally stop in one place, but it occasionally happens. I also noticed that the Rapid Killing talent (marksmanship tree) is not working most of the times; this makes me wonder how many subtle things are not properly working and it would be very helpful to have a list of all of these issues, so that we could be at least aware of their presence.
  5. The quest works perfectly fine until the end when you should be able to interact and activate the altar. This is a video on how it is supposed to work: The issue is that nothing happens when you click on the altar, making the quest impossible to complete. Hope I gave you enough informations, thank you :)
  6. Hello, I'm questing at Desolace attempting to do the quest "Centaur Bounty"; it's been more than an hour killing mobs to obtain just 15 ears (I still have 7 of those), I've lost count of how many of them i killed so far. I don't think this is neither logic, nor healthy for the player... nobody loves grinding without a proper reason. About Logic: c'mon every centaur has 2 ears, how is it possible that none of them drops at least one... About Health: this is going to kill player interest of the game on the questing aspect... I hope you will take in consideration my feedback, and wish you to have a nice day. Thank you.