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  1. The best would be insta 70 ? too spoiled these days..
  2. Hi Lads, Are there any? ;)
  3. Nothing is dying here lol.. in the evening or weekend (eu time) there are about 2k-3k online The drop rate for q items are horrible tho.. idk if this is really blizzlike sometimes :o
  4. I didnt made it .. i mean i could if i would have done most of the part with single targeting but cba.. Those worgens are hell for Frostmages.. Immune to frost or later they use antimagicshell
  5. Oh ok nice ;) challenge accepted xP But Razorfen Kraul is a higher then SFK or not? i'll try it .. its the best way to farm Wool Cloth Ty for the quick answer !
  6. Hi, Is it possible to solo the trash as a LvL 33 Mage in SFK What do you think?
  7. Ok sad :/..but maybe there is a chance to create PvP Guild's /promote more premade groups and why do people wait for classic on a tbc realm? I mean there are some good classic private server around.. i think that people will come back because they dont want to pay/miss arena or wanna enjoy the tbc meta
  8. I think x2 is good.. should stay like it is! why do you think that the population will drop with classic?People here want to enjoy the tbc meta not classic .. there are enough good classic server around..and even if this will happen i think that people will come back after a period of time..
  9. the geared ones on horde side should get asked for some premade groups to help out or something similiar... i think over time horde player will get close on gear.. i see a lot ppl leveling and interested in PvP
  10. Ty for the answer/feedback that sounds pretty solid to me :) Well that bg "problem" is a common thing but i guess it will get even better when more people hit lvl 70 (and are geared )which are enjoying every part of pvp
  11. Hi, Folks! Im new on this realm started yesterday And i like it so far :) I got a few questions about PvP : Whats PvP Population overall is World PvP a thing here? Queue Times for BG's/Arenas I would appreciate any answer/feedback Sorry for my english