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  1. I know,no problem ? It's just not for me now anymore. You know ... WoW is not just lvl 70 content, its also about the progress. Not just raids and dungeons at top lvl. That is BFA, not TBC. The way up to 70 lvl is huge part of it. And it makes sence only on blizzlike - for ALL players. I know many will like this, but I wont. I wanted to go back to original TBC, not this. I just hope that you all will have more fun now, on fun rates.
  2. Ok I found ... https://atlantiss.eu/news/321/the-future-of-netherwing Enjoy easy progress, at least it wont be as hard for me to choose between wow classic and this server. ?
  3. Hello, I just found out that we are able to enable 2x exp multiplier. Is its new standard or is it some kind of limited action? I did not see any kind of announcement. Just want to know if this server is becoming a funserver instead of true blizzlike. Thanks for info.
  4. Hello, It's 1.7 - why is the double EXP bonus still working? Shouldn't it end at the end of June? Just wondering.