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  1. Hello, I wasn't able to log in for quite a long time (around 30 days) for personal reasons and all the stuff i had in the mailbox is obviousely gone. Also i had a lot of stuff placed on AH. Is it possible to restore that somehow? There was pretty much if to count in gold equivalent.
  2. Sorry for maybe wrong place for it but... Where can i check maintance shedule? Couldn't really find anything about it here. At least how can I check about how long the current maintenance is gonna last?
  3. TBC is considered to be easier to level up. If u want hardcore and long-time leveling up then TBC is not for you. Your place is Vanilla x1. Because even TBC x1 is much easier to level up and progress to high level. So if u were here to have a long-time progress, hardcore and 3 months leveling story - u came to the wrong place. It is great that u leave. U just had lack of understanding what u are doing and destiny pointed u the way out. Hail to the x2!
  4. So... Can Race change be done through factions?
  5. I probably posted it in the wrong form) I mean does it have a chance to trigger SoC proc like the regular melee swing? :)
  6. So basically...Does Crusader Strike trigger SoC proc? So many discussions can be found online... but what about this server?
  7. Hello. Sorry for maybe being poorly informed but I recently read Wowwiki old patchnotes (TBC expansion 2.3.0) and its written there that all racial weapon specializations were reworked to 1% crit chance adding. https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Patch_2.3.0 Is that an incorect info or was it changed before 2.4.3 came?